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Hello sitting in Amsterdam at the moment waiting for my flight onto Russia. Diodn't start well, got the wrong terminal at Heathrow so ended up paying a tenner in a taxi. Then KLM weren't going to let me fly because I didn't have proof I was leaving Russia. A good start

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Apr 9/07
Day One in the big Russia house
Its Snowing
You never see a fat Russian
Moscow Riots
On the move again
Lake Baikal
No toilet visit today
Goat Herder
The toilet situation worsens!!
May Day in Beijing
Great Wall *
Cut and Blow Dry, Please!!*
Namaste from Kathmandu*
Namache -3650 m*
Rest Day
Sagamratha (Everest to you lot)*
Back In Kathmandu
Elephant Trainer*
Back to UK
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