In the COVID Bubble - Winter 2021 travel blog

In the COVID Bubble - Winter 2021

It feels good to be posting again on My Trip Journal. It’s hard to maintain a travel blog when you are not traveling; that stopped for us in April. Our travel plans for 2020 would have taken us away from home for all but two months. Instead, after rescheduling to 2021 our cruise to Europe from Florida to take a river cruise for tulip time in Holland, we lingered in Florida until the weather motivated us to move north and home. A stop planned to rendezvous with our Carolina relatives - also postponed. From home we were scheduled to take a 58 day RV caravan to the northwest and Canada. To no one’s surprise, Canada refused to let Americans in. Cancelled again. We planned to travel from the caravan trip to New Mexico for the Albuquerque balloon rally. This massive event is out in the fresh air, so we were hopeful until that cancellation notice arrived. Now also rescheduled for 2021. The January 2021 river cruise in Viet Nam has become a river cruise in France in May next year. The cancelled Myanmar cruise is a nonrefundable deposit waiting to be deposited somewhere else in 2021.

Cancelled plans are always disappointing, and at our age the clock is ticking and as we continue to reschedule, we wonder whether we will be fit and healthy enough to fulfill our revised and postponed plans when they finally do come to pass. Old bodies can play tricks on you. Martha used her time at home this summer to have rotator cuff surgery with an unimaginably painful and lengthy recovery. But now she’s ready to put that overweight carry-on in the overhead bin on a plane once again.

Sorry to have complained so much when can look back in gratitude for all the travel adventures we have enjoyed since 2005 when we retired. We feel so fortunate to have avoided COVID so far, safe in our home as well as in our home away from home, the motor home. Our families are healthy; our pensions secure; we can pay our bills, buy food. The vaccine and better therapies are on their way. Patience!

Usually we stay in Chicagoland to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, but since that is also on the cancelled list, we are heading south in our motorhome bubble early to our campsite bubble in Titusville, Florida. It won’t feel like Christmas, but it will be great to be able to be outside all winter. When we can resume with our travel plans, we will leave Florida and feel even more grateful for the opportunity to see more of the world. We’ll post whenever something interesting or photogenic appears in our lives, but this kind of camping is a lot like living at home, which rarely gets my writing or photographic juices flowing.

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