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Where It All Began - Fall 2019

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We have been waiting for 30+ years for things to calm down in the Middle East so we could visit Israel. It's clear that this will never happen in our lifetime, so we're just crossing our fingers and going. Most tourists make this journey under the guidance of a rabbi, priest or minister. As heathens, we were looking for something a bit more ecumenical. Suitcase trips can get tiring with all that packing and unpacking, so we were delighted to find a trip with our favorite travel organization Overseas Adventure Travel that visits the area and includes a cruise. Although Israel is our primary focus, we will revisit some spots in Egypt and Jordan that we are looking forward to seeing again with the always informative local guides hired by OAT. Since we can't fly to Tel Aviv non-stop from Chicago, we'll pause in New York and catch a few Broadway shows before traveling the best of the way.

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the pre-trip
Nov 12/19
Broadway bound
Nov 16/19
fly to Tel Aviv
Nov 17/19
arrive in the Middle East
Nov 18/19
meet the pre-trip group
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