The Garden of Eden - August 2019 travel blog

The Garden of Eden - August 2019

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We have fond memories of a trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2002 when we were still worker bees and are thrilled to be returning to refresh our memories, see how they have changed and take better photographs than we did with one of our first digital cameras. We remember that strenuous efforts were being made to protect the indigenous flora and fauna and stave off human encroachment. They were and are challenging to visit. Although they belong to Ecuador, they are almost 900 miles away on either side of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean and you must fly to them from Quito. Charles Darwin put them on the world map when he sailed there in the Beagle in 1835. His observations and collections from the islands contributed to the development of his theory of evolution through natural selection.

Whenever there is money to be made, pressure is generated by travelers who want to see things for themselves. In 2002 there were a few larger ships on the scene, but we visited on a 12-passenger ship with a naturalist and plan to duplicate this intimate experience again. We’ve read that you can take day trips to the islands from hotels on the four inhabited islands, which was not feasible in 2002 and hope that the time they spend onshore and the amount of visitors allowed to land continues to be as limited and tightly regulated as it was. In 2002 it felt like we were in the Garden of Eden. The animals had no knowledge of the danger humans can bring and we could approach them without fear on either side. Having a close encounter with a blue-footed boobie is something you will never forget.

Our tour also includes a visit to the Ecuadorean part of the Amazon rain forest and a train trip into the Andes to the Devil’s Nose.

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