Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017

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After we began to make plans for the winter, we watched with great dismay as Hurricane Matthew proceeded to take the same route that we had just chosen, even including Haiti and Cuba as targets. We are thrilled to finally be going to Cuba; it's overpriced, but everyone says that even now, we are going there after it's already changed. Well, things are always changing and we will finally get to see it for ourselves.

Our usual winter routine is to stay home for the holidays and drive away with the motor home immediately after. This has lead to some challenging departure days and a lot of extra work, winterizing and de-winterizing the coach. So, we'll try something else this year, leaving long before the threat of frozen water lines. We will stop in the Carolina's for a family visit. The highpoint will be the first encounter with our youngest grandniece.

Then we will head on to Florida to stay in the campsite we purchased two years ago at The Great Outdoors in Titusville. We've only stayed on our site one night since we bought it. Renters have been subsidizing the taxes and fees, but we bought it so we would always have a place to camp in Florida without the burden of reservations. It will be great to finally enjoy TGO as owners and make connections with new neighbors and friends.

Our stay there will have some interruptions. First, we will come home with the Jeep to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. After returning to TGO we will take a cruise on the Harmony of the Seas and spend almost two weeks in Cuba.

The list of interesting things to see and do remains as long as ever!

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