Canadian Maritimes - Summer 2015 travel blog

Canadian Maritimes - Summer 2015

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We've visited the Canadian Maritime provinces when we were still working which meant that we felt rushed, rushed, rushed. We were barely in Newfoundland and did't get to Labrador at all. This time we will do it right, spending about two months traveling with an RV caravan. We've caravanned in Mexico and South Africa and made some wonderful friends with people who are as crazy about seeing the world for themselves as we are. Looking forward to lobster, great scenery and our wonderful neighbors to the north!

If you want to see exactly where we are click "here". We are #1872.

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Joliet Iron Works
hit the road
moving along
almost there
arrive at the Pumpkin Patch campground
final plans
drive to Quebec
city tour
a day off
Gaspé Peninsula
Reford Gardens
drive to Forillon National Park
exploring the park
Bonaventure Island
a new province
Acadian Village
drive the BIG bridge
learning about Anne
North Cape Drive
tidal bore
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