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Where in the World are the Wiseman's?

Travel is our passion. By the time we both retired, we had been to all fifty states, 82 countries and taken 47 cruises. (Click here for the current count.) Now that we really have time to travel, we plan to see the rest of the world and revisit old favorites at a slower pace. Whenever we are asked what our favorite destination was, we answer, "The next one!" We look forward to sharing our adventures with you as well as staying in touch. We hope you use the "leave a message" link to keep in touch as well. There's nothing like positive feedback to keep the blogger motivated!

RV travelers may also enjoy our podcast at: RV Navigator

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Circling Japan - Summer 2014 

 Trip Journals 
Merry in Olde England - Fall 2014
Circling Japan - Summer 2014
Back for More Arizona - Winter 2014
India & Sri Lanka - Fall 2013
A Two Sister Trip - Summer 2013
Being Elite - Spring 2013
Winter in the Desert - 2013
A Bit of Warmth - December 2012
Alaska, the Last Frontier - Summer 2012
Escape from Winter - 2012
From Dervishes to Samba - Fall 2011
Down East - Late Summer 2011
Bound for Glory - July 2011
Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler - Winter 2011
The Maiden Inaugural Cruise - December 2010
Circling Eyjafjallajokul - Late Summer 2010
Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010
A Tale of Two Cruises - early winter 2009
Staycation - late Summer 2009
Through Foreign Eyes - Spring/Summer 2009
Down Under - Winter/Spring 2009
Carnival Legend - December 2008
Autumn in New England 2008
Sailin' the Sea of Cortez - Spring 2008
The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008
Around the World in 69 Days - Fall 2007
Broadening Our Horizons - May 2007
Mexico Bound - Winter 2007
Costa Magica - December 2006
Heaven on Earth - Fall 2006
South Africa - Spring 2006
Snowbirds - Winter 2006
A Taste of Three Continents - November 2005
Go West Old Man - Fall 2005
First Winter Away - 2005

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