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Travels with the Whittles - France, 2017

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Welcome to my trip journal! There is a new format and site for the Blog this year as TravelPod, which we previously used, is no longer operating unfortunately.

This year's holiday was planned in September, 2016, with flights booked. Following this we were told we would be grandparents again with Jessica and Christopher expecting another baby in early July. On hearing this, Jane decided that she wanted to remain at home and not be thousands of kilometers away in France in the middle of the year. She wants to be 'on hand' following the birth of this baby. So, it is a solo trip, again!!

I hope you enjoy the travels through the Champagne and Burgundy regions of France.
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Day 6: In Épernay
Day 7: Travelling from...
Day 8: From...
Day 9: In Dijon exploring.
Day 10: 3rd and final...
Day 11: Travelling to...
Day 12: Travelling to...
Day 13: In Annecy
Day 14: In Lyon.
Day 15: In Lyon
Day 16: In Lyon
Day 17: In Lyon
Day 18: In Lyon then...
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