Warwick n Wendy's Wayward Wanderings, 2013-2014 travel blog

Warwick n Wendy's Wayward Wanderings, 2013-2014

Welcome to our third sailing trip journal!

Here we go again! We're off on another long sailing trip. We hope to leave Pittsburgh this Sunday (October 6) and leave our marina near Burgess,Virginia on Monday or Tuesday. The hiccup to this plan is that tropical storm Karen is rearing her ugly head in the gulf and that may thwart us for a while; we will see. Our final destination is South to warmer climes.

Our departure is two weeks earlier than on our first trip in an attempt to beat the cold. With some experience under our keel we are planning to travel more quickly this time. We expect to be in Florida before Thanksgiving...time will tell.

We have been working frantically to get ready. This time our house is sublet to some friends and we are really happy to have them in our place.

Hope you all have a good summer or winter, depending on the hemisphere you're in - and we'll be in touch!

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