Weicherdings Yellowstone Adventure Yr. 2 travel blog

Weicherdings Yellowstone Adventure Yr. 2

You are invited to join us again this year as we head back to Yellowstone, and the Old Faithful Store for our second summer. This year the store is opening roughly a month earlier, so we plan to leave here May 6th and head home mid September rather than in mid October. Jean has a 40th class reunion, September 21st in Whiting, Indiana which means we will be taking a very different route home this year. It doesn't seem possible that it is time to head back to Yellowstone.

As most of you know, my daughter, Susan is a part time Blue Berry farmer. Their fields have been invaded by little black birds that come in flocks and can strip a bush in seconds. Given my vast experience as a hunter, I have been designated as Daniel Boone and have done my best to try to keep the little devils from landing in the field. I have sent a couple of hundred to the happy hunting ground, but my shoulder looks like I've been kicked by a horse. After a morning shoot I tried to play golf and had my worst ever game. What a father won't do. If I can keep the birds away they should have a good crop.

We have already had our first mishap with the unit, and we haven't even left yet. I was going to do a little get-ready work on the trailer and I created a new job for myself when I backed the unit into the garage, making a mess out of the ladder on the back of the trailer. Jean claims she was yelling for me to stop, but I am sure she must have been distracted and only yelled when she heard the crashing sound a trailer makes when it hits a solid building. I did the best I could to put the darn thing back in order and hide the tell tale bent rails. Did a good cosmetic job, I just have to remember not to try to climb the darn thing. If I need to get on the roof, I will have to poll vault myself to the roof. I'm already feeling a little like Robin Williams in the movie RV.

Hope you will join us on our merry way.

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