TravelPants- Elaine's EuroAdventure 2010 travel blog

TravelPants- Elaine's EuroAdventure 2010

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The time has finally come...the adventure has finally arrived...and I could not be more excited and scared all at the same time!

After several months since a fateful lunch with Lois in a hippie restaurant in Kingston when we discovered that we both wanted to do some post-graduation travelling we are finally on our way! After the initial discovery that this trip could actually happen and many months of research through books, friends, family, coworkers, movies, etc. we put together an itinerary that will hopefully work in the end! With the addition of Sam and Erin we are ready to head see the sites of Europe over the next three months with several friends joining us along the way!
This blog is for friends and family that have helped me prepare for this trip and who may have an interest in hearing about what random situations and spazzy moments I manage to get myself in as I travel Europe with the most amazing cast of characters!

We are fortunate enough to have several friends and family who have agreed to take us in for a night or too along the way. We thank you all in advance!

I am usually not very good at keeping these types of journals updated, however I figure with people reading it I might be more inclined to finish. I will try to update the blog for at least each place I visit but updates may be a little more infrequent as we progress. Time will tell but I hope this works out!

It has been a ridiculous few years at university and the next few months will probably continue to raise the bar and repetoire of life stories....CANNOT WAIT!! Thanks for reading!!
Mom Please Note: These updates may come instead of a direct e-mail. Read blog first direct e-mail second.
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Prague - walking tour...
Munich - Rain, Rain, go...
BUDAPEST - Boys, boys,...
Dubrovnik is our heaven...
Brela - more heaven!
An epic time in Split!
Brac, the Funky Donkey,...
Florence - a chapter...
Interlaken - Skydiving...
BERN - camping again.
Cinque Terra - hiking...
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