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We are taking on a monumental adventure this summer!

It all began with a discussion of how we would spend our holidays. Paul wanted to visit his grandparents in White City, Saskatchewan, and Kirsten, well, she was thinking of something a little more exotic. As we discussed the merits of heading east to the prairies we thought, why stop there? Kirsten and the boys, having the summer to their disposal, thought life is short; why not keep going? Our trip just kept expanding. First we thought, let's go to Ontario...then if we're in Ontario with the van we should really go to Quebec (the boys are in French immersion right?)...but if we're going to be in Quebec our friends the Thiessens are just a hop, skip and a jump away in Newfoundland (It's all about perspective you know)... And so the Travelling Circus was created!

Of course we wanted to take you all along for the ride, but really there's no room in the van. I guess everyone will just have to make do with updates from our very exciting and fabulous travelling website. We hope keeping everyone informed reassures those of you who are worried - and inspires those of you who are envious!

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