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"We like for its colorful and easy-to-use features like "Find a Friend's Web Site" and the customizable world map."
Sophia Banay

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"It is map-driven and very visual ... if you haven't seen this product, it's like a travel blog on steroids!"
Carol White
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 Travel Blog vs Personal Travel Website: what's the difference?

MyTripJournal's platform has been called a 'travel blog on steroids'.

There are a number of key differences between a travel blog and a Personal Travel Website. First and foremost, while a blog is maintained for the purpose of recording opinions and thoughts, Personal Travel Websites are focused on recording the user’s experiences. This is made possible through a number of tools which allow your trip to be shared with others and preserved for posterity.

The mapping system distinguishes Personal Travel Websites from travel blogs by allowing travelers and their visitors to focus on what separates travel from all other endeavours: the places you’ve been and seen.  Users are encouraged to add links to multiple maps and to customize those maps to focus on their own experiences. One view of any of the samples shows how this map-driven focus differs starkly from a travel blog.

There are also a number of archiving features not normally associated with blogging. Rather than simply maintaining your travel blog on someone else's servers, all standard and premium customers may download an html copy of their entire site to view on their local hard drive or posted to a personal webpage. Unlike with most travel blog systems which will immediately reduce photo images to what's needed to show on a computer screen, the photos loaded in a Personal Travel Website will be stored in their original resolution so that they may be accessed for printing later on.

The traveler-focused system deals with users according to their own experiences, rather than on programming terms as with travel blog systems. The places traveled are mapped specifically for the user’s own trip and no-one else's. Image limits are not counted by the megabyte but by number of photos.

 Your 'Travel Blog On Steroids' could look something like this one...

Close up map from a personal travel website

Close up map from a personal travel website
Sample photos from a personal travel website My European Adventure

February 19, 2017 - When the boat arrived in Santorini harbour, I was overwhelmed by the reception of both humans and animals! The donkeys descended thick and fast down some of the steepest terrain I have ever seen...   more


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Sep  9, 2016 Uffizi Gallery
Oct 10, 2016 Last day in Florence
Nov 14, 2016 Athens at last!
Dec 15, 2016 Paros
Jan 18, 2017 Naxos
Feb 19, 2017 Santorini
Mar 25, 2017 To Athens and home!

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