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Jun 10, 2015 - Khiva and Bukhara Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan. When planning this trip, Fran and I had unceremoniously lumped this country into the generic category of “The Stans.” When pressed for more details about which “Stans,” we barely managed to include it on our tentative list. And when our Turkish hosts called our bluff by asking about our exact itinerary, including which “Stans” would come in which order, we were hopelessly lost. We hoped by the end of this journey we could speak intelligently about each of the “Stans,” and I am pleased to report that Uzbekistan rose to the top of...

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Oct 28, 2013 - Bukhara

"Samarkand is the beauty of the earth, but Bukhara is the beauty of the spirit." Traditional "Bukhara, the most shameless sink of iniquity that I know in the East." Armenius Vambery, 1868 "Bukhara the Holy, Bukhara the Noble, the Dome of Islam, the Pillar of Religion, the most intact city in the hoary East, the most interesting city in the world." Bukhara certainly comes with the baggage of expectations. While its monuments may not be quite as grand as those of Samarkand, it is a very walkable and enjoyable place. There are mausoleums,...

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Oct 9, 2012 - Bukhara

On continue notre voyage dans le passé par Bukhara, plus petite ville que Samarkand qui regroupe la plupart de ses monuments dans le vieux centre. La ville est un mélange de couleur sable (bâtiments en torchis et en briques) et de bleu (mozaiques). La ville est aussi parsemée de bassins, ce qui la rend tres agréable car même en Octobre les températures oscillent entre 25 et 30 degrés! Ici en plus de mosquées, madresas et mausolées, on peut visiter des petits bazars (autrefois chacun d'entre eux était dédié à un type de marchandise) ainsi...

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Sep 8, 2012 - Dushanbe - Denau - Buchara

Piatek, 7 wrzesnia - Duszanbe, Denau, Buchara Juz wczesnie rano biore autobus na Zanisar Bazzar skad maja odjezdzac zbiorowe taxi w kierunku granicy Uzbekistanu. Najpierw taxi do ostatniego wiekszego miasteczka przed granica Tursanzade za 15 TJ Som. Tam nastepna zbiorowa taxi do granicy za 5 TJ Som. Niewyglada aby bylo duzo ludzi na przejsciu wiec przechodze strone Tadzycka stosunkowo szybko problem zaczyna sie po stronie Uzbeckiej. Pomimo ze ludzi niewiele to procedury jak ze starego filmu z za 'zelaznej kurtyny'. Do 2 'normalnych'...

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Jul 1, 2012 - Uzbek musings

Today is a free day. Basically nothing planned like driving, tours, meals etc. It gives the guides a break and us a break from them. So I won't regale you with stories of wandering the hot streets of Bukhara and rather talk about other things I've noted as I've travelled recently. The first is the Uzbek Som. it is the local currency and comes mostly in 1000 som notes. There is no bigger notes, I've had a few 500 and 200 notes but it's mostly a currency which relies on a single denomination note. The current exchange rate is around 2500 som...

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Jun 30, 2012 - Baby camel neck wool carpet

Today we had a half day walking tour of the historic sites of Bukhara. I'm sure it was another 37C day today. Tomorrow is forecast as 40C. We started off at the Mausoleum of the Samanids. A very intricate building that was built over 1000 years ago and most likely the oldest mausoleum in Central Asia, due to the Muslim belief of being returned to the ground after death. Very intricate brickwork, but no use of colour at this stage of history. we walked on a bit and I was tempted to buy a $600 US silver tray.... seriously I was, it was...

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Jun 29, 2012 - Road to Bukhara

After an early start (5 am is early for me) and a last few dawn photos of Khiva, the truck set off for Bukhara. Only 470 km over a paved road..... Problem is we were not on the brand new road. We drove for hours on a bumpy pot holed road, right next to a new concrete highway, not opened due to "political" reasons best known by those who know. Apparently built by German, Chinese and other foreign companies, there are issues preventing it from being driven on, thus a 10 hr drive to Bukhara. Tomorrow I'll explore the town in more detail.

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Apr 28, 2011 - The start of our trip - 1 - 8 May

We haven't found any wifi along the way, and only intermittent slow internet access, so the diary has had to wait. For the first week or so we had no phone access until David got on to the phone company and got it sorted out for us. Thanks Dave. After a four day trip Forster - Gold Coast - Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul we finally arrived in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan and surrounded by the Karakum Desert, on 28 April. Ashgabat was totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1948 and was rebuilt by the Russians in typical Soviet style (square...

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Apr 6, 2010 - Boukhara

Je me suis leve un peu avant 10h. J'avais besoin d'une bonne nuit de sommeil. Apres un petit dejeuner copieux et delicieux, Vincent, Florent et Alice decident d'aller au hammam tandis que Mathias va au cybercafe. Moi, je dois aller negocier aupres des agences de voyage locales un tarif pour une meharree dans le desert du Kyzyl Kum , et je sais que cela va me prendre un certain temps... La premiere agence, soi-disant specialisee dans les excursions sortant de l'ordinaire, me propose un tarif prohibitif : plus de 580 dollars pour nous deux,...

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Apr 5, 2010 - Khiva - Boukhara

Ce matin, je me suis leve a 6h45 pour etre pret pour le depart a 7h40. En effet, nous devons aller a Boukhara, a 500km de Khiva. On nous sert un petit dejeuner tres copieux: du pain, des oeufs, de la gelee de cerises, du fromage et meme des crepes francaises!!! Le chauffeur nous attend en compagnie d'un acteur ouzbeke connu dans le pays. Ce dernier joue actuellement dans un film sur Omar Khayyam qui est realise a Khiva et Boukhara. Il fait regulierement l'aller-retour entre les deux villes. D'apres l'hotelier, le prix d'un trajet en...

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Sep 21, 2009 - Bukhara Bug

We're in Bukhara and it was the end of Ramadan today not significant to any of you but it made it a bank holiday. Arrived here yesterday after a night Ina yurt camp. the camp was in what looked like sand hills and I dept thinking that he water should be just over the next rise. Took a two humped camel ride and it was much more comfortable than one hump. the yurt camp was a tourist set up with what looked like permanent yurts and other tourists were also staying there. My yurt slept 8 but only two of us actually slept there - one of our...

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Oct 17, 2008 - Exploring Bukhara

October 17, Friday- Bukhara We began the day with a walk around the heart of old Bukhara, eventually working our way northwest to the Kalon Minaret, the focal point of the city’s skyline. The architecture and the merchants still exude the atmosphere of what the city what the city must have been like during the heyday of the Silk Road. Mosques, minarets, medressas and a massive citadel greet you at every turn. Shops offer an endless selection of souvenirs with prices for every pocketbook. Street vendors try to corral you around their 10...

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