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Aug 14, 2008 - Montevideo

We got the bus from Colonia to Uruguay´s capital, Montevideo. The countryside here is all flat and full of grassy fields which are ideal for growing the steaks! Victoria had the cold for most of the 4 days we spent here so we didn´t do as much as we had planned. However, we still managed to see a bit of the city and consume several more steaks! Montevideo didn´t really strike us as a capital city, albeit of a relatively small country. In saying this, we rather liked it. It is quite a laid back place which is easy to wander around and there...

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Jul 20, 2008 - Rosslyn Park defeats Uruguay

Uruguay Federation 0pts Rosslyn Park 10pts This game was severely delayed by a poorly-planned travel schedule that saw Park up at 5.30 a.m., take the ferry across the vast expanse of the River Plata for an hour, not met by a guide, then a two hour coach journey to Montevideo without a decent meal until our arrival and then a dash to the ground which left little time for preparation and even less time to complete the game in fading light. Despite all the possible ramifications of the journey, Park played a blistering game that saw the...

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Jun 28, 2008 - Day 13: Montevideo

This morning we took a city tour of Montevideo´s monuments, parks and gardens. We were picked up at our hotel in a minivan and set off to see the Old City, Constitution Square, the Cathedral and Colonial Town Hall, Solis Theatre, and Independence Square (at the center of which stands a monument dedicated to the national hero, José Gervasio Artigas). Unfortunately, the weather was very foggy and chilly so we did not get any great pictures. Our guide, Jorge, told us that the name Montevideo came from when the the Spaniards recorded the...

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Jun 27, 2008 - Day 12: Montevideo

We left our hotel in Salto at 5:45 this morning to make our way to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. We rode in the top car of a double decker bus for 7 hours before arriving at our final destination this afternoon. We checked into our hotel and walked up 8 flights of stairs with our packs, since the elevators are so small (and one is out of order). Our hotel is close to the main plaza in town, so we roamed around the local markets, ate lunch, and then purchased hats and scarves since the weather has turned colder. We are meeting our...

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Apr 15, 2008 - Montevideo, Uruguay

The next day was spent travelling down to Montevideo, a 6 hour bus journey. By this time I was sick of buses but hey ho, it had to be done! We went to a restaurant last night and it was OK, but there was as much offal as good meat so much of it was left uneaten. Today we walked around Montevideo, an interesting city... through the old town and along the waterfront. The weather was nice, around 20-22 degrees I think. Pleasant though as we walked for quite a few hours! Tonight we are off out again to another local restaurant. I must say I am...

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Mar 5, 2008 - Day 24 - Montevideo

Early in the morning, the Star Princess set a Westerly course into the Estuary part of the river plate. At times, the depth of the water was less than 10 feet below the ship's keel. Because the rivers dumping into the Atlantic in the river plate carry so much mud and silt, the harbor at Montevideo is constantly being dredged. Buoys mark the way into the tight harbor basin. As soon as the gangplanks were lowered at 7:45 am, we left the ship and boarded a bus that would take us out in the countryside to visit an Estancia (big ranch). On our...

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Mar 5, 2008 - Montevideo

having to stay in a suite at the Embajador hotel as all hotels of 3 and 2 star were full. There are 2 games in the Copa Liberatados or something like that. Should have checked ahead of course but hey it's a nice suite. Hit Montevideo running so to speak so could be a big night in my suite watching Man Utd in the Champions league tonight. And, oh yeh, it's raining again! Will be buying fake tan soon!! For a 4 star hotel it's got a shitty keyboard. Am having to guess the buttons half the time and the other half the buttons don't register....

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Feb 26, 2008 - Montevideo: Checking out the asados in Uruguays capital

Montevideo: wandering around Uruguay's capital Took the early bus from Colonia to Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, just to see what it was like as it would be unfair to leave the country without at least setting foot in its capital city. Personally Montevideo didn't do anything for me, especially having spent so much time in Buenos Aires making it tough for any other capital to compare. Montevideo just felt like it had something missing, yes there were lots of people (the Uruguayan’s are really great and friendly people), lots of big city...

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EZ Duz it!

Feb 19, 2008 - Bueos Aires - Montevideo

Deze morgen met de boot van Buenos Aires naar Colonia in Uruguay gevaren. Colonia is bekend omwille van het feit dat zijn oude stad beschermd is door UNESCO en dat het hier een portugese stad betreft die vanuit Buenos Aires wel enkele keren werd aangevallen door de spanjaarden. Van de oorspronkelijke huizen zijn er niet veel meer over, maar de stad werd dan ook een 3x heropgebouwd na de diverse aanvallen. De oudste huizen dateren van halverwege 18de eeuw. Een van de opvallendste zaken is dat alle straten met kasseien geplaveid zijn en...

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Feb 12, 2008 - Montevideo, Uruguay

2/12 Only 100 miles from Buenos Aires is the capital city of Montevideo, Uruguay. With a population of about 1.3 million people, half the population on Uruguay, it is a large, attractive city. We took a bus into town and walked between the two main plazas, Independence and Constitution. We also did some shopping since the area is well known for its leather.

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Jan 19, 2008 - URUGUAY - Montevideo

Montevideo... we'd heard it was like Buenos Aires, so we were expecting big things. In the same way that its hard to say why Buenos Aires was so good, its difficult to work out why Montevideo isn't. We stayed in a really cool hostel though, and spent our time on the beach (still on the river, but getting closer to the Atlantic now), wandering the streets of the old town, and cycling around the coastal road. Uruguay is more expensive than Argentina, and its taken us a while to get used to the stupid exchange rate of 41:1. First time I've...

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Jan 7, 2008 - Montevideo - a little gem!

For a capital city Montevideo is relatively small (3m people) and has a great relaxed atmosphere. The city centre contains some beautiful colonial and Art Deco buildings many of which are in need of some serious restoration. As it was Saturday we decided to sample Montevideo's nightlife. In the city centre this appears to be concentrated into a couple of streets lined wth bars. People of all ages were out making for an easy going atmosphere - much more civilised than a Saturday night in Leeds. On our way back to our hotel we saw some...

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