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Feb 12, 2020 - Montevideo Jewish and City tour

We docked in Montevideo around 0800h. We had booked a private tour off the ship to give us a city tour with Jewish highlights. There were 8 of us, along with our guide and driver. Highlights of the sites. 1. Our first stop was in the Jewish section of the old city. Although the first Jews arrived after expulsion from Spain and Portugal, the majority came in the 20th century. They were largely Eastern Europeans, who made their living as peddlers. The Sephardic synagogue in the old city was built in the 1950s, but now only holds services at...

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Nov 18, 2019 - Uruguay

We arrived in Montevideo at 8 in the morning on November 17. We only had until 5 in the port, but we had a taste of Uruguay. We went on a bus tour around the city of Montevideo; Uruguay has a mostly European population from Spain and Italy, and the architecture reflects that background. It is middle class and we heard that the average annual income is the highest in South America. On the day we were there there were crowds of people making their way to the stadium for a big match. Montevideo is at the estuary of the Plate River; it has...

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Off to South America

Mar 15, 2019 - fly back to Florida

This is one of those days best seen in the rear view mirror. Our air was "free" with the tour and Antartica cruise and not what we would have selected for ourselves. We NEVER have a double connection with lots of waiting time in between. In another way we are lucky to be here at all. Some of our travel colleagues had their air arrangements cancelled due to the grounding of the 737 Max planes. I think they all got rebooked at less convenient times than originally scheduled. It caused lots of consternation last night when the emails from the...

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Mar 14, 2019 - disembark Midnatsol, tour Montevideo

Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America with only three million people. Today it makes its living from agriculture, namely cattle with four cows for every person. Although there were certain periods in its history when it was embroiled in wars, coups, and native uprisings, compared to its much larger neighbors, it has a relatively peaceful history. It even remained neutral in World War II. The banking industry is important here. Many wealthy people from Brazil and Argentina bank here where there are less taxes, less...

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Feb 21, 2019 - Montevideo, Uruguay and “Azamazing Evening”

04 10 Feb. 21, 2019 Montevideo, Uruguay and “Azamazing Evening” Carnival is a South American tradition and in Uruguay it is not just a single day celebration. It begins in January and extends through February. In one of the most beautiful performance theaters in the world, Azamara has commissioned a fifty minute spectacular “AzAmazing Evening” with 50 performers, wild lighting, and penetrating sound to chronicle the origins and spirit of carnival.

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Oct 7, 2018 - Ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo Uruguay

Today we are up at 5am and a taxi collects us at 5.30 to get to Puerto Malderno to catch the ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo Uruguay. Our ticket say that we should be at the Port 2 hours before and we get there 1 3/4 hours before and someone forgot to tell the Burqueue staff because there were some passengers there but no staff. After about 20 minutes the check in staff wander in and we can then check in and then go through immigration and finally we can get a coffee while we wait to board. The ferry is only 1/4 full if that. It is a...

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Feb 3, 2018 - Montevideo, Uruguay

We spent the afternoon touring Montevideo, Uruguay. The entire country/city is nestled on the north shore of the River de la Plata. The best view of the city is from the top of town hall. The most prominent sites here are the statues of the country's heroes scattered throughout the town. The grandest of them all, a 30-ton equestrian statue, sits in Independence Square, while the others fill the local parks. It took me a few minutes to realize that most of the stores were closed because it was Sunday, but I was happy to see a number of...

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Dec 21, 2017 - Montevideo, Uruguay

It's hot! A large group of people have joined us for the walking tour. Most are walking but a few of us opted to take taxis to the meeting place in Independence Square. The walking tour is free. Guides work for tips and the last time we were here our guide was excellent. This time it was no exception. Girardo was a hoot. Plus very knowledgeable. He loved Uruguay and started by telling us that the country was the first in South America to allow women to vote, to allow legalized abortion, gay marriage, and legal pot. Girardo pointed out the...

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Nov 25, 2017 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Got off the bus at the main terminal in Montevideo called Tres Cruces. The city bus website wasn't working for me so per my hosts suggestion, I took an Uber to my apartment for about 110 UP or about $4. My host is a very talented woman. She makes jewelry and is internationally recognized having won several awards for her pieces. She showed me some and indeed they were extremely impressive. Beautiful. She also shared with me with three books concerning Uruguayan artisans who won national honors for their crafts. She won honors each year. I...

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Feb 7, 2017 - Montevideo

Still quite windy and it is impressive to see the crew steer a 90,000 ton cruise ship up a narrow passage before mooring sideways to the quay without the help of any tugs. We get off the ship just after 11am. The first thing Ian sees is the range finder and anchor from the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, he gets very excited and I can only get him to walk on by promising he can spend as long looking at it all as he wants when we get back from our exploring. The hop on hop off bus is full and we are going to have to wait an hour...

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Feb 6, 2017 - Stormy Night

We have two days at sea before we reach Montevideo. A legal requirement is that we have to do the emergency drill every 28 days. So we collect our life jackets and meet in the designated area. We are told to bring warm clothing and hats if it's the real thing. One couple turn up in their jumpers knitted hats and coats! It's 33 degrees and the sweat is dripping off them! Robert Powell the actor is giving lectures and Ian attends the one on Dickens and throughly enjoys it. We both attend one on Juan and Eva Peron, very interesting. Ian has...

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Jan 9, 2017 - Montevideo, Uruguay -Brief Stop 8pm - 11pm

We were supposed to take the excursion called City Drie, Soccer Museum & Legislative Palace. - 9am to 1pm.- but since the Crown Princess had their delay a whole day coming in to Buenos Aires, it means they lost their berth and tender times in both Montevideo and Stanley, Falkland Islands. The ship parked in the harbor of Montevideo 15 miles out all day, then when the Celebrity Infinity left the pier at 7:30pm, our ship docked for a brief three hour stay. It took long lines to get 3,000 people off the ship and by the time we were off, no...

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