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Aug 19, 2019 - Specimen Ridge Trail

Monday, August 19: Specimen Ridge Trail from the Yellowstone River Picnic Area Weather: A bright morning in the mid 40sF, sunny and high 70sF all afternoon with wind building towards evening Route: Canyon Campground → Grand Loop Road → Northeast Entrance Road → Grand Loop Road → Canyon Campground Today's plan: Hike the 35.4 (RT) Specimen Ridge Trail for as far as we could before returning on the same trail to drive to the Petrified Tree, the Roosevelt Lodge and Tower Fall. Highlights: - It was a better night for both of us last night,...

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Sep 15, 2009 - Where the Buffalo Roam

Had a lot of wind and a bit of rain last night so it was a little foggy early this morning. We were heading up over the Dunraven pass to Tower Fall today. The bison herd was out in Hayden Valley and causing some small traffic jams - more on them later in the day. Drove up to the trailhead for Mt Washburn for a good view of the area. There was a black bear moving around in the open on one of the opposite hills. We watched him, but a picture, even with the telephoto would not have been very dramatic. I have found myself having to change...

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Sep 15, 2009 - Lamar Valley, Tower Falls, Mammoth

On Tuesday, we took a ride out to Lamar Valley. There were still many bison roaming around. We also took a ride out to Tower Falls. We looked for a moose around Petrified Tree and Floating Island Lake but to no avail. Jack decided to stay home while the rest of us still toured Mammoth Hot Springs, Golden Gate Bridge and waterfall, and the cemetary. We also went to the boiling river and then it started to rain. So we went home and made some dinner. For Emily and Anthony's final day on Wednesday, we had to go to work, so Emily and Anthony...

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May 28, 2009 - Floating Island

On Wednesday we took a ride out to Phantom Lake and Floating Island to see the Great Gray Owl and the moose. They weren't out when we went by, but it was a beautiful drive. Thursday while Jack was working, he happened to look out the back door and saw this baby elk with it's mother. There have been many sightings of bears and wolves, but we hardly see any elk out right now. Rumor has it the wolves are getting many pregnant elk.

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May 23, 2009 - Trip to Tower

Yesterday we had a Bar-B-Que at the park with all of our fellow employees. The General Store provided the hamburger patties and hot dogs (which Kenny grilled) and we each brought a dish. Mmmm mmmmmm GOOD! (Almost like the "No Rules Club" Potluck) The party didn't start until 7:00 because we waited until everyone finished work. All of a sudden the temperature dropped, the wind kicked up a little, everyone had enough to eat and the party was over. Tomorrow the split shift starts - the store opens at 7:30 am and closes at 9:30 PM. Jack and I...

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May 17, 2008 - To Tower Falls

While Sally was in CA, Jack toured some of Yellowstone. These pictures are on the way to Tower Falls and back. While driving, their was a bear sighting, and the bear crossed the road right in front of the car. A little later, a new bear sighting -- Rosie and her twin cubs. Rosie is approx 18 years old and has resided in this area most of the time. She is considered a "bad" bear and has both ears tagged. Most bears give birth approx every two years, but for the last six years, Rosie has produced twins each year.

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Jun 11, 2006 - Hiking and Wildlife

Today was a day of hiking. We started out with a hike to the top of Elephant Back Mountain. On the way we saw a grizzly bear, fortunately from the safety of the jeep. The hike took us through a swampy area with pretty flowers and carpet like trail. The scene from the top was of the Yellowstone Lake area. We lunched at a cool roadside picnic spot, of which there are several. Proceeded according to our hiking guide, Thomas, to the top of tall Mt. Washburn and the fire tower. A ranger actually lives there. Lots of snow to hike through. We...

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McKnight's Out West

Aug 7, 2005 - Yellowstone

We arrived at Yellowstone National Park Sunday evening. What a beautiful place this is! We immediately went out exploring. Saw many Byson in the valley and on the road - just laying there. It is mating season, so the huge males are showing off for their lady! Lots of waterfalls, rivers, lakes etc. And of course Old Faithful put on a great performance for us.

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