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Jul 23, 2014 - Downtown Sheridan Wyoming. Visiting the Street Scene

I have always enjoyed walking the streets of small town USA and Sheridan is a great place to just wander about. Population is only 18000 and the downtown streets are easy to find a place to park. There are NO parking meters and the parking spaces are big enough for trucks. Today I even saw a Fifth Wheel RV and Truck taking up a couple of spaces. Sheridan has a lot of artwork on the street corners. You can walk Main Street downtown, up one side on down the other in a very short time. People are friendly and anxious to make you feel welcome....

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Jul 22, 2014 - King's Saddlery My New Cowboy Belts.

I placed the order with Jim at King's Saddlery today for 2 belts. At the same time, Jim punched another hole in my current work belt. In the one picture you will see my current Ostrich Belt. That fits good so he measured from the hole that it is normally in and adds 5-6 inches to it. That gives me a belt that will handle any shiny belt buckle I have, but as well as give me a little room to grow, (If Needed) I still think Global Warming must be the cause of my belts shrinking or expanding over the years. Probably depends on the Sun Cycle. I...

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Jul 21, 2014 - King's Saddlery Sheridan Wyoming

One of the big attraction in Sheridan is Kings Saddlery. It is listed as one of the 1000 things to see before you die. This book is available at most bookstores, and of course Amazon if you want to read for yourself. I have been to King’s Saddlery, counting today, 3 times and it has always been a treat to walk through the various displays. I talked with the Custom Leather Man Jim Jackson and tomorrow, I will be ordering myself a custom made cowboy leather belt. I have had custom belts before, but they seem to have shrunk over the years. My...

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Jul 19, 2014 - Big Horn Mountains Route 14 Sheridan Wyoming

After Lovell WY we got on route 310 heading toward Greybull Wyoming to connect with Route 14 back to Sheridan area.. There was a rest area just after we got on 14. What a surprise when we got there. The rest stop was immaculate, but even more impressive was Classic Air Tankers parked just behind the rest area. The Air Tanker Museum was closed, but I got a few pictures of the tankers and the mountain backdrop. The pictures are not the best, but there was limited access from the fence area. FYI Highway 20, 14 and 16 go through Greybull. Route...

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Jul 19, 2014 - Big Horn Mountains Route 14A Sheridan Wyoming

This is the first journal entry of three. This entry is on Route 14A, and the Second will be on Route 14. This makes a loop around the Big Horn and took me about 9 hours, but I was poking a lot. The third entry will be on Big Horn Canyon. This is a off the beaten path by 20 miles, but sure glad I went. There are several links on this page that pertain mainly to 14A but does include 14. On the Route 14 Journal Entry these will not be reused. Will have another set of links. In my previous visits to this area, I do not recall driving through...

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Jul 19, 2014 - Devil's Canyon Sheridan Wyoming

I was on my way to connect up with Route 310 that will take be to GreyBull WY and then connect to Route 14. Just prior to that junction I came across Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center. I needed a good map of Wyoming, one that shows the roads and the mountains in Wyoming. The AAA maps sometimes leave out the good stuff. Anyway I met the nicest lady, sorry I do not have her name, and she asked me if I had seen the actual Big Horn Devil Canyon. I told her no that I had stayed on 14A. She told me I was missing the best part of the whole trip. She...

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Jul 18, 2014 - Sheridan Wyoming KOA Our Base for the Visit

Sometimes finding a good campground is a very difficult task. To assist me I use a couple of Smart Phone Applications, one of which is All Stays Camp and RV. There is a small cost to it,($9.99) but it is really worth. It finds your location and searches for any campground or parking spot you have set up in the filters. It provides phone numbers, locations etc. Out west I usually look at the KOA Campgrounds as they are a lot of them and all have the necessary features you want in a Campground. Like everything else it is not always the case....

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Jul 18, 2014 - The Historic Sheridan Inn in Sheridan Wyoming

This is the third time I have been to the Cowboy town of Sheridan Wyoming. It is always a treat to come here and visit awhile. The 2 places I always like to visit is King’s Saddlery and the Sheridan Inn. When I got here the KOA campground gave me a local paper that had some news on the Sheridan Inn. It has changed owners several times, but the newest owner, purchased in 1967, to stop the historic landmark from being razed. The reason she gave was “The building is more than peeling clapboard walls.” Its importance is more than the fact that...

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Jun 3, 2014 - Sheridan, Wyoming

We left Interior just ahead of another rain storm. As we pulled out onto Rt. 44, the rains, thunder, lightening, and hail arrived and stayed with us till we finally drove out from under the cloud around Rapid City (which is about 36 miles from Interior). Retracing our route of yesterday, we finally entered Wyoming to discover that we were still in the Black Hills. We saw lots of red rocks as we entered the Bear Lodge Mountains. Aladdin, the first town in Wyoming, was also our first stop, at the general store. The sign on the door said that...

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Trip Journal

To Alaska and Back

Apr 10, 2014 - Made it to Sheridan, Wy

Got started early this morning so we could get to our next stop in Sheridan, Wy. It was misting rain and cloudy. The wind had calmed down over night. We were between Lingle and Fort Laramie on Hwy 26. We had planned to find a place to have breakfast but with only small towns there wasn't much of a choice. So when we got to Casper we had to stop and get fuel. We were still in time for a McDonald's breakfast so we did a quick breakfast and got back on the road. The other day we must have gotten some bad diesel. Our fuel mileage improved after...

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Sep 24, 2013 - Casper to Sheridan

BAU Date 9/24/2013 Casper, WY was nothing to write home about so we packed up and headed for Sheridan, WY. There is some really pretty country around Sheridan. For those who think this part of the country is desolate, be very very grateful. Lack of humans leaves lots of room for cattle. This “desolate” part of the country allows us to afford to eat. Without it, we would be paying $20 per pound for hamburger. Tough, friendly people in those small states that feed us. Alas, today was also an “oops” days. Approaching Sheridan we followed the...

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Sep 23, 2013 - Devil's Tower

Today it was a day trip to Devil’s Tower. 188 miles one way. Took all day but it was worth it! A rock tower rising 867 feet out of the ground! (Google it for an interesting read.) There was a trail around the base that was about a 3 mile walk. We took the girls around it in hopes of wearing them out. Grace tugged and pulled the whole 3 miles! We think maybe there could be mountain goat somewhere in her lineage.

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