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May 31, 2005 - Yellwostone National Park

Dave Suts: Hey Sportsfans! So we are in Yellowstone and cant believe how big and crazy this place is! Nature went really nuts here! We are still in Grizzly country so still have to be careful with food and stuff! We went to allt the main place in the Park - Old Faithful, Mammouth Hot springs and the Canyon and theres no place like it on earth! Its particularly interesting for me as I di a third year paper on the place and now we are sleeping on a supervolcano that is due to erupt!! After blue skies for a wek it was quite a shock to be hit...

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Dinky Steps

May 21, 2005 - South Dakota to Yellowstone, Devil's Tower

The drive today marked our longest (timewise) drive of the trip - a good 10.5 hours, including our stop at Devil's Tower. We were both quite impressed with it - Jenn was figuring it was yet another thing to just stop and stare at before moving right along...However, it's pretty amazing to look at, so we stayed a little bit. Michelle took a little walk and Jenn was commandeered by an old guy who noticed the WA license plate (he used to live in Edmonds) and he talked her ear off the whole time Michelle was gone (yes, you're all thinking,...

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Michelle & Jenn

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