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Jun 29, 2010 - Northern Yellowstone

On this day, we took the northern road in Yellowstone up to Mammoth Hot Springs. Along the way there, we took pictures of bison grazing beside a river. We toured the Visitor Center and then had lunch at the hotel grill. We saw several elk in the yard of a house near the visitor center. We headed east to Tower-Roosevelt and south to Canyon Village. Past Canyon Village, we stopped to hike along the south trail of the Yellowstone River. We enjoyed the sound of the rushing water. On this day we saw mountains with snow. Danny couldn't help...

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Jul 30, 2009 - Hike to Beaver Pond

With all different things going on, we finally got to go on another hike to Beaver Ponds. This is in Mammoth Hot Springs, above where we work at the General Store. There was a cinnamon bear sighted earlier in the day, however we didn't see it. Nice day for the hike, quite a few bugs, had to spray twice. There are several ponds, ducks occupying many of them. When we finished our hike, we went home and had visitors - Mark and Sally Anable. Mark and Sally had traveled to Portland, Hamilton, and Missoula MT and stopped in for a visit before...

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Jul 21, 2009 - Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs was by far the coolest thing I saw at Yellowstone. The terraces and colors created by the hot springs depositing calcium carbonate are like nothing I ever seen before. They are just plain awesome. Of course, everyone else thinks they are awesome so it is a VERY crowded area. If you plan to trip to Yellowstone, make sure you visit Mammoth Hot Springs in the morning to beat the hoard of tourists. Geologically speaking, the terraces are formed when hot water and carbon dioxide dissolves the limestone bedrock underground....

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Jun 19, 2009 - A bear sighting

I told Kathie there were reports of a black bear sighting that had taken down another elk near Sheep Eater Cliff, she said "Let's go!" First we stopped to see if we could see the owls. We didn't see the black bear with cubs sighting but encountered a grizzly in a hurry to get somewhere near Rustic Falls by the Golden Gate Bridge. It's amazing how tall the sagebrush is to practically cover the bear when we first saw it.

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Jun 1, 2009 - The Horned Owls

One of our co-workers, Lou Ann, has taken some great photos which I put on our website last year. This year, of course, she is at it again. Jack teases her, calls her the animal magnet and says the animals say "Oh look - here comes Lou Ann - let's go pose!". The first picture is Lou Ann's of course, I happened to be with her and clapped my hands, and the baby horned owl looked directly at her. The babies are as big as the parents!!! I was told I shouldn't do that, it might make the animals nervous. The first pictures were taken at 7:10 am,...

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May 25, 2009 - A trip to Swan Flats

We decided to go for a little ride before work. Just past Mammoth Hot Springs, near the beginning of the hike for Bunsen Peak, we saw this beautiful reflection in a pond by the snow. Then onto Swan Lake Flats where there is just a little snow left. We went further down the road, but no animal sightings. Took a couple shots at Sheep Eater Cliff. We plan on going on a hike to Osprey Falls which sort of comes near Sheep Eater Cliff, but a totally different angle of view on foot.

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Aug 13, 2008 - Yellowstone National Park, WY - Mammoth Hot Springs CG

(Ron Writing) We almost never stay overnight in truck stop parking lots because they tend to be very noisy. Trucks usually come and go constantly and often leave their engines running when parked. But last night we were at a very small truck stop in Livingston and there was little noise after about 10 PM. We both got a good night’s sleep. This morning I checked the air pressure in the trailer tires and one of the new ones was down about 10# so we went back to the tire dealer. They dunked it and couldn’t find any leaks. They took it off the...

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Aug 7, 2008 - Yellowstone National Park, WY - Mammoth Hot Springs CG (Day 7)

(Ron Writing) This morning I spent some time working on Da Honu’s battery situation. It’s a long story but after a night and morning of charging I think these batteries are about at the end of their life. We debated heading down to Idaho Falls to get some new ones. By 2 PM I decided these batteries will probably work good enough yet for awhile until we get to a city along our planned route where I can get replacements. We left West Yellowstone at 2 PM and drove back into the park heading east to Madison, then Norris. At Norris we turned...

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Jun 4, 2008 - Mammoth Hot Springs - The Terraces

The end of our journey for today is The Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. This area is home to elk, bison as well as other wildlife. The hydrothermal area is mineral-laden hot water, from deep beneath the earth's crust, which finds its way to the surface and builds tier upon tier of cascading, terraced stone. Thousands of gallons of water well up and deposit large amounts of travertine daily.

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Jul 25, 2007 - Yellowstone

Al and I entered Yellowstone from the south, having left Grand Teton the same day. The first shock for me was the devastation that remains after the fire. Over one million of the 2.2 million acres in the park were burned in 1988. Some of the burn was minimal, with trees surviving. Other areas lost their trees (mostly pine and birch), only to have the heat of the fire open the pinecones on the ground, producing a dense healthy forest of trees. Most trees in the burn area stand 3-15 feet high now. Unfortunately, some areas of the park burned...

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May 13, 2007 - Yellowstone

Friday - May 11th - Day 9 - Mile 2519 The plan was to drive to Yellowstone, a trip of about 300 miles, get a campsite and relax. We really felt like we were in The West - sagebrush and tumbleweeds and antelope herds grazing in the pastureland. One group was conveniently browsing across from a rest stop providing a great photo op. Then came the Big Horn Mountains - about 200 hairpin turns, sped limit 30mph - and they weren't kidding. A bit hair raising at fitst with the rig but settled down as time went on. Interestingly, there were roadside...

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Jul 15, 2005 - Visiting Uncle Lenny & West Yellowstone National Park...etc.

Monday, July 11 ..We checked with the repair shop before bring our RV in... construction had their street blocked off so we parked the RV in Burger King parking lot (with their permission).When we arrived at the repair shop we were told...their electrical specialist called in sick..have to come back tomorrow Tuesday. Couldn't promise to have it done since electrical is a tricky thing...said it may take a hour or could take three days. We checked into our third RV park..it is located about 1000 feet from the repair shop. Again we lucked out...

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