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Oct 18, 2010 - The Mighty Mo

We journeyed along the edge of the Mississippi River today, down one edge and back up the other. Our first stop was atop Granddad Bluff where we had a bird's eye view of La Crosse, Wisconsin and the river behind it. As we continued along the river, we stopped at many overlooks and historic monument sites. Then we found Goose Island County Park where we could do a little hiking. Hiking is inaccurate as the path resulted in more of a stroll. There were numerous benches so we stopped at each, sat with our eyes closed, and listened to the...

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Oct 17, 2010 - A Whooping good day

As we journeyed today from Steven's Point to La Crosse, Wisconsin, we again chose country roads. That led us past miles of cranberry bogs. We had no idea cranberries grew in Wisconsin. Turns out that cranberries are Wisconsin's largest fruit crop. In October, the plants have red berries and they are ready to pick. The farmer floods the beds one at a time. The berries float on top of the water. A boom, or a floating tube, rounds up the berries. When they are rounded up, the cranberries are put on a conveyor belt that takes them to barrels....

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