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Jun 23, 2018 - Day 16

Day 16 20180623 No travel for the Knurrs Wouldn’t you know it, the first day with no clouds would be the day that some people left?! People started heading home today. After it had warmed up enough that Kathy was comfortable in her swim suit, we headed to the lake to check out the swimming. Kathy wanted to check out the anchored floating items. There were floating docks, floating climbing structures, floating inflated monkey bars with an opening to the water underneath, and an inflated geometric shape for climbing on. The climbing...

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Jun 22, 2018 - Day 15

Day 15 20180622 Day of no real travel This was our first day in Wisconsin with no rain. The sky was still cloudy, but it was nice to have an opportunity for things to dry out some. Kurt and Kathy decided that this was a good day to go into town (only about 7 miles) to get hardware that Kurt wanted so he could attach some visibility markers on the rear of the cargo trailer. We also got the one propane tank we emptied, filled. Kathy thought this might be a good opportunity to pick up some groceries for the first part of the next reunion....

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Jun 21, 2018 - Day 14

Day 14 20180621 Day of no travel Another day of catching up. Kurt’s parents and oldest brother came for a few hours. Everyone was happy to see them. Kurt’s brother used to come to this yearly when white water rafting was part of the activities. The river got too dangerous for the rafting, so the group has altered the activities. In addition to the bean bag game, they have a Frisbee game. It is called Frisbee Dunk. 4 players, 2 teams. Each team has a different colored Frisbee. Team mates stand across from each other next to a player from the...

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Jun 20, 2018 - Day 13

Day 13 20180620 84Miles (Marty) (Very spotty internet connection at the campground. We will put these on the blog when we can.) Back with the reunion. A group of mostly women and children decided to go picking strawberries. Kurt and Kathy chose to stay at the campground, Marty went with. She had enough fun that she grumbled that everyone else was ready to leave before she was. She took time out to have a berry throwing contest with some of the young boys. The young boys range in age 7-13. At least once she caught the berry thrown and threw...

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Jun 18, 2018 - Day 11

Day 11 20180618 0930-0940; 1140-1400 187 miles It rained fairly heavy most of the night. It let up this morning with showers off and on. When we checked the interior of the cargo trailer there was just one slightly damp spot on the paneling along the front. It looks like the duct tape is working. When we unhitched the cargo trailer due to the length of the camp site Kathy was concerned about how we were going to get it hitched back together. Once we got Marty with us, Kathy figured we had “muscles” now to deal with moving the trailer...

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Sep 5, 2014 - Dinner with Tom & Karyn Schmitz at Mekan

Date: September 5, 2014 Tonight’s Location: Montello, WI Campground: Buffalo Lake RV Mileage: End - 52832 Start - 52541 Total Miles for the day: 311 Weather: partly sunny Temperature: start 55º High 66º Wildlife count: Year List: 348 Birds: Mourning Dove, Common Raven, Turkey Vulture, American Crow Departure time this morning was 7:45, as we had over 300 miles to drive. We treated ourselves to lunch at Denny's in Black River Falls, WI. Our campground, Buffalo Lake RV is very nice; we set up and relaxed for awhile. It was so very nice to...

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Going West 2014

Jan 27, 2009 - The beginning

1st entry...getting ready to full time!! Starting in April, my husband, Mike, and I will be full timers. We are semi-retired and will do a lot of our business on the internet. Isn't technology wonderful?? We Have been in the Fire and Security Alarm business for 25 yrs. It's time to slow down. We will spend summers in Wisconsin doing our inspections and winters in Arizona doing little to nothing. For now I am trying to lighten the load. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years. I find I can get along quite well without all...

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