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May 29, 2009 - HOLY CANADA

So I made it to the US! I left Fairbanks on Memorial Day in the afternoon and drove through to Haines Junction in Canada before sleeping. On the 26th I woke up and drove to somewhere a couple hours past Watson Lake Canada, but eventually had to stop to wait for a gas station to open. And more driving on the 27th, from where ever I was past Watson Lake to Prince George... and again on the 28th I drove from Prince George to Bellingham. All in all over 2200 miles! Both borders were surprisingly accommodating and fast, and now I'm in the...

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Mar 26, 2009 - A brief trip wrap up for this year

This will be the last entry for this years journey around the US. As in the past this really is one big beautiful place to live and travel in. We met some of the nicest folks as we traveled this year and we hope to visit with them again in the future. You really do meet some of the nicest people in the RV'ing life style. We picked up a pet, a little kitten, as we left the Miami area and she lucked out. The kids refer to her as "sucker" to honor the adults who always find room for little strays. Cyn really likes her as she sits in her lap as...

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Dec 6, 2008 - First Night Boondocking at Wallmart

Starting from Vancouver we made a short hop across the border and picked up groceries at Bellingham Costco and then made our way over to the Walmart for our very first Boondocking experience. It was very convenient and we shared the back end of the Wallmart parking lot with about 20 other units. Got up early next morning waited for McDonalds to open for coffee and breakfast, picked up a fising licence at Wallmart along with some other necessities. Thanks Wallmart we appreciated the convenience.

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Nov 15, 2008 - Bellingham, Washington

We arrived in Bellingham October 26, 2008. We have mixed feelings about how we like it. We like it on a clear non/rainy day but on a rainy day we don't like it so much! We like the fact that we are only 12 miles from Canada. As of today, we have been to Canada twice. By the way, Vancouver, BC will host the 2010 Winter Olympics! Enjoy our pictures. Thanks, Janet, Chad, and Haley

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The Schulze Family

Oct 26, 2008 - Vancouver to Bellingham

Traveling back to Bellingham was actually fun. It was cold out but the car was warm and we got to talk and talk with our friends John and Peg. The boarder crossing was quick even through there were quite a few cars. There was not real hold up there. We traveled down I-5, exited at Ferndale and they drove us home. It was really nice to be back to our own house, kitties and wonderful bed. We have never slept on so many hard beds in our life and settling into our nice pillow top mattress and drifting off to sleep with 3 kitties wanting lots of...

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Oct 12, 2008 - Bellingham, WA

This report comes to you from the US. Coming over the border was not as easy as we expected. We were asked the usual questions, where are we going, for how long and why. Next where do we live in Canada, do we own a house............(do we lie or tell the truth) ummmmmm No........ Then they wondered why we didn't have a permanent residence in Canada. The key question by the border guard was do we own a house in Canada. We were asked to pull our coach over to the side and go into the Immigration Office. More questions about when, where, and...

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Sep 20, 2008 - We're baaaaaaack!!

. Beginning our short travel day back into the US, we departed Hope with a morning low temperature of 57 degrees and cloudy skies. Nothing changed much until our noon arrival in Bellingham, WA, and RAIN. The temperature dropped into the low 50’s and a steady rainfall continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Well, we are back in Washington after all. Immediately following breakfast we left our last Canadian park for the 78-mile drive to Bellingham. We cleaned out a few leftover produce items not knowing for sure what was and...

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Sep 13, 2008 - Tomorrow we fly to Spain

Here we are in Bellingham getting ready to head to Cadiz Spain. Soon we will be on a plane and on our way. We are now pretty much packed and we weighed the packs and each came in at 31 1/2 pounds. Nice. Considering that we needed to pack for 85+ weather to 30- weather (Spain to Mongolia). You will be able to email us through this site. The next time I write should be from Spain - Cadiz - once I find an internet connection.

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Aug 26, 2008 - Bellingham

Well we are back in the states or the lower 48 as they say up north. This seems to be a nice town that sits on Bellingham Bay which then leads out to the Pacific Ocean. We decided to stay here in Bellingham for a few days to regroup, do a little laundry and maybe clean the rig. While we are here we did a little sightseeing down the coast line and stopped in a place that had a Japenese Garden on desplay.

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Aug 24, 2008 - South through Cache Creek

We started heading south through Cache creek and down through Fraser Canyon, what a ride. The road was paved and that was a relief, but it was narrow, hilly and lots of bends. Oh and throw in about 6 tunnels, but you couldn't beat the views. Cache Creek has been called the Arizona of Canada because it is dry and it's summers can get in the 90's and the winters just in the 20s. We are back in the USA again and you could tell right away - the prices of things much lower.

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Aug 22, 2008 - Bellingham Washington

We drove to 100 Mile House to see and say good bye to our friends but they were not home. They wanted us to call them at 5pm and meet for supper but it was 1030 am and Cheryl was talking all morning about her sister so we decided to keep going. Got down to the border and the mountains we climbed and the mountain we went down for 17 kilometers was something. This is roughly 10 miles at 8% and 7% declines. There were signs warning truck drivers and showing the decline at a rest stop. There are run offs in case your brakes give out and at a...

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Aug 8, 2008 - Bellingham

Today we said what I would think would be our last goodbys to Charlie & Deanna(till we get back to Texas) and then drove 70 miles north to Bellingham, Wa. where we will be staying at the Bellingham RV Park for 1 week. There is a lot to do in the area, we will use this as a base camp where we hope to go to Vancouver, BC for a day, an Orca whale watch 9-5, a day trip to Baker Mountain and whatever else we can fit into the week. So the updates won't be daily but I'll try and catch up whenever possible. After we got here today went for...

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