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Oct 22, 2012 - Day Seventeen Lexington Park, MD to Williamsburg, Virginia

Left this am at 9:40 under sunny skies and temp. 59. We spent another 3 hours this am going to the post office and real estate agencies in California, Md looking for our old house. We just knew if we could get in familiar looking territory, that we could find it. The roads and old familiar landmarks had changed dramatically. We even went 30 miles to the address of our previous neighbor, but alas they were not home. We were frustrated and depressed, having spent at least 5 hours and countless miles over the same roads and were ready to give...

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Oct 7, 2012 - Yorktown, Jamestown, & Williamsburg

Well, it has been a very energic several days. We departed Waynesville, NC on the 2nd, in a downpour. Made hooking up a bit sloppy. Spent that night at a Corps of Enginers park, Rudd Creek near Clarksville, VA, right on the lake. It was hot and very humid. Thank goodness for A/C in the RV. Wed, saw us arriving at Naval Supply Center, Cheatem Annex, Williamsburg, VA. A new RV park on the base with everything, except a decent internet connection. Hence our absence for the 4 days. However, that was the only downer in the stay. For three and a...

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Oct 3, 2012 - Williamsburg, Virginia

The morning of October 3rd we left Greenbelt Park and drove 230 miles to Anvil Campground near Williamsburg, VA for a four night stay. We have been to historic Williamsburg before and since the tickets to see it are expensive we will not be doing that again. We are staying here because the park has full hook-ups so we can spend the next few days doing some cleaning and relaxing from all the walking we did in D.C. Over the next few weeks we will be visting Mrytle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC and Savanna, GA before heading into Florida.

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Jun 12, 2012 - Cole's entry: Historic Williamsburg

So I have to make a new style of entry, so the basis is on this: What happened What I learned What I felt What happened: So, we went to Williamsburg, and took a walk to Historic Williamsburg, where they have a section based on the 18th century - and it IS the 18th century! They had the style of houses, of clothing, of shops - and at one point I saw a woman carrying around a chicken! X) We walked around for quite a while, and it started to rain. It was raining pretty hard, by California standards, but not so hard I started to melt. We had...

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Jun 12, 2012 - Sam's Entry: Williamsburg and Rainy

Well, today was Williamsburg and rainy. Let's start with the historic town. Unlike Jamestown, everybody talked in first person perspective. They did a lot of making things, like paint, wagon and cart wheels, guns and bullets, to list a few. Spoiler alert! There was a play that went around the whole place, and loyalists were everywhere. Loyalist here, loyalist there. The one thing I learned was that the loyalists believed in some of the things that patriots did. I felt sorry for the people that got tarred and feathered. Sam

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Jun 12, 2012 - Dan's Entry: Exporing our colonial past

Well we continue to wrestle with the time change, though we are getting better. Today we were out of here by 11:00am (the goal is 9:00am). On that note I want to put a shout-out to all my homies with three or more children, this is not that easy. So any way, we explored Williamsburg today. This is an incredibly large historic park. We were free to walk around and bought tickets which allowed us to access various live demonstrations of period trades work and to tour houses and public buildings built in the early 1700's. The climate was...

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Jun 12, 2012 - Jill's Entry: Make Believe, circa 1775

The last time I visited Williamsburg, I was 12 and going into sixth grade. I loved it then, and I was even more intrigued now. The town is beautiful, educational, historical, and yet not overly commercial. It's amazing how well everything has been preserved, and the costumed interpreters are really good at explaining 18th century colonial life down to the smallest details. We saw two scenes of actual pre-revolutionary war events, and the actors on the street kept the drama going by interjecting their thoughts and feelings. The woman who was...

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Jun 12, 2012 - Cosmo's Entry: Williamsburg

Day 3: Today we rolled out of bed and had an egg breakfast. Soon after breakfast we jumped in the car and drove to the colonial Williamsburg. There we saw many different stations to learn different things about different jobs. We stopped at many stations such as wheelworkers and blacksmiths. One thing I learned today is that it takes about 90 hours to make a wheel for a horse carriage. After we saw a colonial re-enactment and stopped for ice cream before we left. As we were walking back to the car it started to rain really hard. it poured...

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Jun 11, 2012 - James River Plantation Tours

Virginia state route 5 runs between the cities of Richmond and Williamsburg crossing the Chickahominy River while paralleling the James river. Interestingly enough, all the plantations are privately owned. Only a bus tour could make the tour of five plantations in one day! We chose Westover Plantation, named for Henry, fourth Lord Delaware, son of Thomas West, Governor of Virginia. These plantations are expansive including the grounds. We wondered at the perseverance of these settlers. For example, most of these homes are handmade bricks....

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May 23, 2012 - Williamsburg, VA

Hi All, Our stay in Williamsburg was not what we expected on Civil war things to see. It seems there was more on history of the settlers back than. So we went to the Botanical Garden in Norfolk and than on to Virgina Beach. Ended up in one hell of a storm, and ended up in a small beer tasting brewery until the storm passed. When we ended up in Virginia Beach the storm has passed and it was nicer down there. Went into a real nice little pub and hung out with the locals. So, all in all it ended up being a nice day. Will leave here on the 25th...

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May 13, 2012 - Williamsburg, VA

We arrived at the American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, VA on May 10. The next day we spent the day at colonial Williamsburg enjoying perfect weather. It is representative of America from 1765-1781 when the town was the capitol of Virginia. We had a private guide who led our walking tour which included the spectacular Governor's Palace. We watched a trial of the period, toured the Capitol, and even talked with a citizen who was riding on a beautiful horse. We also heard a concert featuring music of the times, saw the craftsmen, and had...

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Dec 5, 2011 - Williamsburg Christmas

There is no better way to feel the spirit of Christmas than by attending the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg, Virginia. The restored historic district of Williamsburg celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season by a simultaneous activation of lights. Colonial tradition placed lighted candles in the windows of homes and public buildings to celebrate a special event(holidays, end of war, monarch's birthday). This is followed by spectacular fireworks. Meanwhile, the street market stands serve warm cider and gingerbread cookies. The...

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