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Sep 7, 2010 - Skagway, Alaska

Today we took a 5 hour ride into the wilderness in Jeeps. There was a guide in the jeep ahead of us to lead the way. we rode with a newly wed couple from Ausralia and had a great day. Clear sunny skies allowed us 100 mile vistas or so it seemed. Snow capped mountains and clear lakes everywhere. Hiope the weather continues like it is although we probably over dressed each day so far. It must have been in the 70's today. Who would have thought it????

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Sep 6, 2010 - Jueanu, Alaska

If the weather holds up today we are planning on taking a float plane ride over many of the glaciers. Unfortunatley they canceled the flights. Although it was sunny it seems there were high winds and we could not go. We did take a trip to the Mendenhall Glacier and waterfall and it was awesome. We are going to try another float plane trip when we get to Katchican

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Feb 27, 2010 - HOME SWEET HOME

Well we finally made it home at 6:30pm on Friday. Home sweet home. Longest flight ever coming home because we could not sleep on plane for two reasons. One, we left Sydney at noon so it was in the middle of the day. Two, there were lots of old people on the plane who wandered the cabin all night like the living dead. Even when the captain turned off the cabin lights the two behind us kept their reading lights on all night even though they were not reading. They seem to be two major players in a pact of about 15-20 older people. Folks kept...

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Feb 5, 2010 - Bon Voyage!!!!

I tis 6:41am I wake up and do not smell any breakfast. No bacon, no eggs no toast. Alas! Maureen is still sleeping, no wonder no breakfast. Oh well, as long as the snow holds off long enough we will be in LA this afternoon. We hope to meet up with my Niece Joy for a few hours to catch up on things. Bon Voyage!!!!

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Feb 4, 2010 - Freaking OUT!!!!

We are supposed to get 28 inches of snow starting Friday morning at 10AM. I moved up the 1st leg of our flight to 12:30pm rather than 6:00pm We are not too worried about being able to take off, but we are worried that there will not be an aircraft here to take us. If we do not get off the ground on the 12:30 flight I am afraid we may have to wait until Sunday at best. I do have plenty of wine in the house though, so that may have to suffice.

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Jan 31, 2010 - Packing

So here we are getting ready for our big trip. Outside it is single digit temperatures and 5 inches of freshly fallen snow is on the ground. The thought of emerging from a jet into instant summer in the Southern Hemisphere danced in our heads. Bags are opened and to date few articles have made it inside. We are going through our things trying to decide what is necessary to carry half way around the world. So far I think we only had one minor disagreement about me bringing an old pair of pajama pants which I believe she called "crappy". I...

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Dec 31, 2009 - Day 6 - Virginia Wine Country

Woke up this morning to SNOW!! While we were snuggled up in our camper, several inches of snow fell on top of us! Cross fingers that the major roads are cleared, because we have somewhere important to be - the climactic moment of our trip, the New Year's Eve party! Bambi is our senior min-pin that we rescued from California. Once the companion to an elderly lady, she was a chunky old lady with a slew of health problems herself when I took her in. I'm fairly certain she had never seen snow before, but she took it like a trooper. I often...

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Dec 31, 2009 - Day 6 - New Year's Eve Party

I never have any photos of parties. I'm too busy enjoying them to take pictures. Too bad, because I'm told I looked killer in my red party dress and Jorge looked dashing in his suit and tie. Someone remarked to me at the party how funny it was that we pulled up in a trailer and came to the party in finery. Really? Because there are closets for storing clothes in the camper. Mirrors too. And running water. I had to laugh. People are funny with their misconceptions. We're trailer-fabulous! The party was a blast, despite the unexpected...

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