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Aug 9, 2019 - Danville VT, Sugar Ridge Campground

We stayed with our friends in Orange VT from July 26th through August 8th. On the 9th, we moved to Sugar Ridge Campground in Danville and stayed there for a week. All in all the 3 weeks we were in VT went by very very quickly. We were able to visit a lot of family and friends during our stay and we have a lot of fond memories to to bring along with us. 2-Ole-Buddies & Bentley.

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Jul 8, 2018 - And into Sugar Ridge RV Village and Campground

Well now ... we are way behind on our trip journal postings ... time is flying! July 8th we made the short trip from Orange to Danville VT. We will be at Sugar Ridge until the end of August. Little Bentley did wonderful riding in his kennel from Orange to Danville. Sugar Ridge is a wonderful campground and is very kid and dog friendly. There was lots of room to walk and bike, including easy access to the rail trail. Bentley was introduced to many many new friends ( both two and four legged) and this socialization was oh so important for all...

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Oct 5, 2017 - Sugar Ridge, Danville, VT

Today we went from Glen, NH to Danville, VT. We saw some beautiful color on our way to Cabot Cheese factory, toured the factory,sampled cheese.Then we went to Apple Orchard and sampled cider and donuts. Finished the day with a group dinner at Goodfellows.

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Aug 1, 2016 - Maine - New Hampshire - Vermont - Another 3 State Day

Yesterday we had a slow day of travel thru Maine, across New Hampshire & into Vermont. It was only 165 miles but it took us 6-1/2 hrs. But it was a beautiful drive & we really enjoyed it. There was one section of road construction that was down to bumpy dirt that we didn't enjoy so much but the scenery was still beautiful. We did take about an hour out of our drive for brunch. We stopped at a neat BBQ joint in Fryeburg, ME. We sat out on the patio at a bar overlooking fields to a view of the mountains. There was even a farmer working on a...

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Jul 18, 2016 - Turbo Levo

I clearly remember one day, six years ago, when I was loading my mountain bike onto the roof of my son's car. I remember my then-fiancée saying to my son, "Don't break him!". My next memory is waking up in the hospital four days later. I've never regained any memory from what happened those four days. Apparently, I was heading down a particularly difficult hill on my bike when I crashed into a car-sized rock. When my son found me, my hands were still on my handlebars. My son says that I always scream on scary parts of the trail and I always...

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Sep 25, 2012 - Maine & New Hampshire

After leaving Orono, we headed west on US Hwy.2, passing a sign for Mexico, ME. Mexico?? We later found an old covered bridge over the Sunday River and took several photos. We spent the night at Timberland Campground in Shelburne, New Hampshire. We walked down a trail, crossed over a railroad, to a peaceful river. When we returned to the campground, another camper told us that he had seen a bear on the railroad track during the time we were at the river. I'm glad I didn't see it down there! On Tuesday, September 25, we continued on Hwy. 2...

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Sep 17, 2010 - Day 23 Danville, VT

on our way to Niagara falls, take a trip thru maine/new hampshire and vermont on country rt 2 from bangor me to danville,vt... see foggy mt wahington... almost end of the appalachian trail where we took a photo in 1981... camping at sugar ridge camp nice but big real camping, camping w/real campers w/kids like camping use to be... our day 23 photos http://picasaweb.google.com/110975240111565319818/Day23SugerRidgeCamp# where we are camp map by google... suger ridge camp in...

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Sep 15, 2008 - Danville, Vermont

Today we woke up to wind and rain. The weather never co-operated for our visit to Bar Harbor. This morning as we head west toward home the sun finally came out. The leaves are just starting to change in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We took secondary roads again today. The scenery was beautiful. The area is mostly forested with the odd small farm shoe-horned into small clearings along the road. We were constantly warned with signs about the presence of moose. We kept our eyes open, but never got a glimpse of one. A few years ago, we...

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