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Oct 6, 2013 - Day Trip: Monument Valley, UT and AZ

I can describe today in one long sentence. We pay money to take a 3 ½ hour ride on a slightly chilly day in the back of an open jeep, over dusty and bumpy gravel roads, to take pictures of named rocks that we have seen in the movies. It is a great day! Our guide is a little difficult to understand at times. He has a sense of humor. He sings Navajo chants. He ends the chant with, “Your Turn.” We try it. We are staying at Gouldings Campground. The Goulding Enterprise has a monopoly here. There is a lodge, restaurant, convenience store, gas...

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Oct 5, 2013 - Monument Valley, UT

We stop in Durango for breakfast. It is Saturday. People are waiting for the train. There is a farmers market. There is going to be a parade. We park next to one of the parade horses. After breakfast and a grocery stop, we are on our way west on Route 160. We have views of the San Juan Mountains. We pass Mesa Verde National Park. Of course, it is closed. We arrive in Cortez. Route 160 turns to the south and then the west. “Stop” I yell to John. There is a trading post with very large arrows in the ground. How can we pass this up? They have...

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Oct 3, 2013 - Monument Valley

The next on our trio of bucket destinations was Monument Valley. Once again, it was a "one-horse town" which is to say there was only one choice for a campground--Gouldings. But at least this campground had full hookups, WiFi and Cable TV, or that's what they said anyway. Ok, two out of three isn't bad. The hookups were fine (and so welcome after having none at Canyon de Chelly) and the cable TV worked well. The WiFi was another matter. We were so excited to find our site right next to the repeater, but our joy was short lived. It is very...

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Sep 21, 2013 - Monument Valley

We stayed one night at Monument Valley to catch what we thought was the west mitten mesa's shadow on the east mitten mesa. However we were given bum info and were about a week late. If you want to be there for that show, you must plan on March 30th or September 13th each year. I put a pic from the 2010 trip when we were only a day late. But we met some new friends, Linda & Rusty from Queensland, Australia. And we got some nice shots of Monument Valley. Impressive at any time of the year.

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May 17, 2013 - Monument Valley

This park , named Tse'Bii'Ndzisgaii in the Navajo language, is a sprawling, sandy preserve that spans the border between Arizona and Utah, bathing the region in rich red hues. It is dominated by crimson mesas and surreal sandstone towers, some as tall as 1,000 feet. It is located inside the Navajo Nation Monument Valley, around four hours northeast of Flagstaff, near the Four Corners area. Now part of the Colorado Plateau, Monument Valley was once a simple flat basin. Over many years, layers of sediment piled onto the basin, which was...

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May 2, 2013 - Yesterdays photo's and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

We arrived at Page, AZ. It was a 2hr drive from Monument Valley. The town of Page was started in 1957 as a construction camp for the workers on the giant hydroelectric project known as the Glen Canyon Dam. It was named after John C. Page, who served as commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation in the Roosevelt administration from 1937-43. He died in 1955 without seeing the completion of the dam. Lake Powell is 186 miles long and has 1,960 miles of shoreline, which is longer than the entire west coast the continental United States. Lake...

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May 1, 2013 - Navajo Tribal Park

Yesterday we had scheduled a valley tour. The wind started blowing along with the red sand. It was so bad we could not see the valley from our campsite! We rescheduled our tour this morning. It was cool but at least the wind was not blowing. Our started at 8:45 am for 3.5 hours. Our guide was Navajo and his name was Mike! Our first stop was at a Hogan witch is a round hut with stove in the center. These are for women as they have 9 log base and is round. Why? It is 9 months to carry a child and shape is womb. We watch her take the wool and...

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Apr 29, 2013 - Monument Valley, Utah

We left about 8:30 from Durango, Co and headed west for Monument Valley. We stopped at the. Four Corners Monument Tribal Park. This where the four states meet. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. It is on tribal lands so you have to pay $3.00 per person. You could not believe the 2 cars in front of us turned around. They have Indian vendors there in booths selling their handmade wares. It is done very nicely. I had a picture taken of us but the guy cut our legs off and then the camera needed batteries. So ended up walking around looking...

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Apr 24, 2013 - Stops in the Navajo Reservation

The next two stops on our trip north were located on the Navajo Reservation – Canyon de Chelly National Monument and Monument Valley. In both places, access is restricted to certain areas unless accompanied by a Navajo guide Canyon de Chelly National Monument was formed to preserve the canyon, upper rim and pueblo ruins of the Navajo. There are two scenic drives along the rim and one trail that doesn’t require a guide. We drove the 17 mile South Rim Scenic Drive and stopped at a number of overlooks. The drive ends at an overlook called...

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Mar 24, 2013 - off off road

Yesterday we drove the parts of Monument Valley Tribal Park that are accessible to everyone. But we wanted to see more, so we hired a local Navajo woman with a Jeep who was authorized to take us wherever we wanted to go, which turned out to be wherever she thought we would like. It was fun with someone who spent her life so differently from us. While she had spent 13 years working in Phoenix, she had never been out of the Four Corners area. Her grandma's home was near one of the valley monoliths and she grew up here and missed it very much...

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Mar 23, 2013 - when is now?

Some day soon we are going to have to head for home. To that end we've been working our way east along the AZ-UT border 150 miles at a time. This has been much more confusing than it needs to be. When we left Arizona in February it was an hour ahead of California. However, the state generally does not follow Daylight Savings Time, which most of us changed to a few weeks ago. Utah definitely did. Some of the Indian reservations in this area do follow Daylight Savings Time, but not all. We start the check-in process at every new campground...

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Oct 23, 2012 - Another Senior Moment

The forecast for this morning was 34F but fortunately it is 52F with a stiff breeze because we took a 3 1/2 hour guided tour of Monument Valley in an open air tour truck. I don't know how to describe the beauty of what mother nature has created here so I'll include some pictures that still don't do it justice. After lunch we went up to the Museum that tells of the history of Gouldings Trading Post, On the way back we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a couple of items while there Mary got a couple cans of cat food and a litter box for...

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