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Feb 5, 2009 - CACHE COUNTY

Today we starting our journals. We are beginning our trip around Utah. we went to cash county and fed the elk brush and grane. wE ALSO GOT TO SEE THE UNIVERSITY AGGIESS PLAY. WE WENT TO THE OPPRA HOUSE MY MOM LIKED IT BUT I HATED IT. WE VISITED logan temple man when you look at it you won't believe how big it is. we got to see how good the aggies are.

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a great adventure

Jul 11, 2008 - Eastward, Ho!

After dipping my toes into the wilds of Oregon, I drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay, where I could savor the warm and easy embrace of family. This was a fraught moon, filled with the reunion of Nancy & Walter (the farting dog), the evolution of my grandson from quadruped to biped, Job’s Daughters, the Fomby trip to Colorado Springs, the sale of my beloved yellow GTI, a zoo visit, racing with my brother, John’s business horizon, EURO ’08, a new organic food store in town, wildfires, Nick’s groove, and long hikes beside the relentless...

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May 30, 2008 - Day 48 Twin Falls Idaho - Logan, Utah

Day 48 Friday 30th May Twin Falls Idaho - Logan, Utah Page 102 B8 After our big drive yesterday we headed off this morning a little bit later, mainly because we heard the radio give the time and realised we hadn’t altered our clocks forward, hence thinking we were eating breakfast at 7.30, it was really 8.30. Not to worry it was a clear morning with blue skies and lots of sun and an hour later was just fine. Approaching Twin Falls the landscape changed to undulating plains of green pastures as far as the eye could see. Irrigation is a...

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Jul 10, 2007 - From Bryce Canyon to Logan, Utah

7/2 We are on our way north towards Yellowstone NP. We are staying tonight in Fountain Green, UT, a bit south of Salt Lake City. 7/10 We continued driving north and found Utah Lake and stayed at the Utah Lake State Park on 7/3 and since the next day was the 4th of July, we decided to stay put another day. Utah Lake is the second largest lake in Utah, but only 13 feet deep at it's deepest. It is a great facility and a nice respite on a hot summer day. We also enjoyed gorgeous sunsets each night and could see some fireworks at our campsite,...

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