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Jan 2, 2009 - The Grand Tour

We're going skiing! Or are we? Upon seeing the weather forecast and finding that this would be the last mild day before the snow and bitter temperatures, we decided to take a drive along arguably the most beautiful highway in the world, Utah 12. We planned to go as far as Boulder, UT and come back having no real agenda. The idea was to stop along the highway at the multitude of scenic overlooks and just enjoy. Our first pullout had some really cool views of hoodoos and sheer cliffs and an opportunity, a little sign that said, "Mossy Cave...

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Oct 12, 2008 - Capitol Reef National Park

This is one of my all time favorite national parks. If asked, I couldn't really tell you why, the best answer I could give you is that it just feels "like home". We were really looking forward to doing some hiking and introducing our friends to the scenery that this park has to offer. Fortunately the weather cooperated, it was cool and windy but the snow that had been predicted did not materialize. We drove the scenic drive ( it had been closed on our last visit so being able to take it to the end was a real treat for us ), we hiked the...

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Sep 30, 2008 - Torrey, Utah - Capitol Reef National Park

September 30, 2008 The ride over the hogback, down the canyon and over the mountain today was great. We climbed our first 14% grade on Route 12 and used first gear for the first time – 30 MPH, 2500 engine rpm, 30 psi boost with 700 F exhaust temperature at 8000+ feet elevation. : ) We stopped often to take photos of the brilliant, yellow Aspen leaves. We learned from Ranger Ray that Aspen grow in clones or clumps from one root system. You can learn more about Aspen at these web sites: Link to Aspen Tree Information Site Link to Another...

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Sep 4, 2008 - Capitol Reef National Park

Today we departed Hill AFB, just north of Salt Lake City, and turned our bows south on Interstate 15. Driving the interstate is nice, smooth straight roads, lots of places to stop for gas or food, etc. So when we got south of Salt Lake City we exited the interstate onto state highways. Normally 2 lane winding roads, up and down, not many places to stop. Much better, great scenery... We took hwy 50 past Scipio Lake, then onto hwy 24 through the towns of Loa, and Torrey, and into Capitol Reef National Park, a 100 mile long wrinkle in the...

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Aug 14, 2008 - Needles Outlook, Newspaper Rock, Capitol Reef NP

August 13, 2008 – Needles Overlook and Newspaper Rock, Capitol Reef National Park Another day another rock. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this country out here is. Needles Overlook is a view from above into the Needles part of Canyonlands NP. It was about a 50 mile drive from our campground to the overlook but it was worth the trip. John and I went early in the morning and when we got to the overlook there was no one there. We value the quiet, there are so many places in these National Parks that are so crowded and so noisy with...

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Jun 17, 2008 - Capitol Reef NP

We've spent the past two days at Capitol Reef NP. What a beautiful place! The Mormons settled in the area called Fruita and there are still orchards in the park and some of the historic buildings. The Fremont River and Sulphur Creek flow through the area. We hiked the Grand Wash trail which was flat and easy hiking. Camped in the park campground for $5 per night with no hookups. It was a tight squeeze getting into the campground and the host actually helped us park. The deer were everywhere in the campground and you could hear the stream...

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May 7, 2008 - Day 25 7/5/08 Capitol Reef NP

Day 25 Wednesday 7th May, Capitol Reef National Park (102 K9) We were up bright and early this morning, as there was a work camp set up beside us Steve felt it would be in our interest to move early prior to the workmen arriving, so at 6am he moved us back up next to the sign. After showering, having breaky, refuelling we were on our way by 8am. Don’t laugh Griff and Lou, that’s early for us. We set off south ward on Highway 191 – final destination either today or tomorrow will be Bryce Canyon. The sun was shining, skies were clear and it...

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May 1, 2008 - capitol reef national park

We stayed here for 2 days very cold as well in fact the campground we stayed at had to leave there water going for the lawn all night to keep it from freezing. We went to the park and hiked up to a nice size arch. After that we drove through an area that had canyon walls 30ft or more high we finshed at the small village were a morman shetlers lived and had a fruit orchard,school house and homes. We stopped at a small home that was a musuem and sold homemade fruit pies and bread.

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Apr 27, 2008 - Capitol Reef NP - Day 2.5

Capitol Reef NP-Day 2: After copious amounts of pancakes for breakfast we set out on another hike from the campground up to and through Kolab Canyon. We explored some of the things that we learned from the previous nights ranger talk. One of the most interesting was a section where there were numerous patches of green rock with white rock down the middle. It was caused by tree or shrub roots that leached the iron out of the soil many millions of years ago. The white rock is where the root was. The green is where the iron had been leached...

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Apr 26, 2008 - Capitol Reef NP - Day 1.5

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah - Day 1: We moved to the Fruita Campground in the park in the early AM. It’s a nice campground right off of the Fremont River in the valley and is surrounded by orchards. There are also several interesting hikes that leave from the general area. There is a nature center close to the campground that was opened for the first time of the year so we biked over and spent the morning there. The kids loved it. We did a nature scavenger hunt, made post cards, painted with mud, and made impressions of animal tracks...

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Apr 25, 2008 - Green River to Capitol Reef NP

4/25/08 Green River to Capitol Reef National Park Utah We drove the short distance to Capitol Reef in the afternoon. The geology and scenery were amazing. This area had the most varied colors that we had experienced thus far. Capitol Reef is a geologist’s heaven. The park encompasses a fold called a water pocket where the underlying layers are thrust up (or dip down from the other side) at a fault line. The result exposes many layers of the earths crust from blank to blank. Around the Fruita campground they are mainly the Moenkopi, Chinle,...

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Mar 28, 2008 - Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Today we visited Capitol Reef National Park in Fruita, UT. Capitol Reef was named this because of the many slickrock domes that are contained in the park. The park is also considered geologically special because of the Waterpocket Fold or a wrinkle in the earth’s crust that was created over 65 million years ago that is contained in the park. Capitol Reef is also home to Fruita, which used to be a former Mormon settlement that existed from the early 1900s to the start of WWII. The Mormons had planted an orchard here, which still exists...

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