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Jan 27, 2013 - Big Bend, other end

Today we moved to Rio Grande Village Campground at the east end of Big Bend Nat’l Park. The park is absolutely huge with a speed limit of 45mph so it took us almost 2 hours to drive the 70 miles from one campground in the park to another!!! We are keeping track of our mileage and on our hiking day (not a moving day) we went over 200km - that’s just to get to the various trailheads!!! We said goodbye to our very nice neighbours visiting from England who were kind enough to give us several tips of places to stay and things to do as we head to...

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Dec 17, 2012 - Falcon State Park

Took a Bike ride to Falcon Lake near Rio Grande City Texas, the Lake is a big Bass fishing Lake, but it is down several feet. It is real strange seeing a big Lake with Desert around it. We had a great lunch at a local Restaurant in Rio Grande City, another retired couple was there too, they were Workampers, based at Falcon State Park and worked at the Bird reserve, very nice, been full time for 5 years and love it.

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Apr 14, 2011 - Mission - Rio Grande City and Fort Ringgold

We quickly realized there was a lot more to see west of Mission so opted to come back to visit Rio Grande City and then Fort Ringgold located on the eastern edge of town. Looked like lots of various things of interest to occupy us for a few hours. Billboards on both sides of town announce it is the birthplace and childhood home to General Ricardo Sanchez, the former Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq. Our first destination was Rio Grande City, seat of Starr County and lies along the Rio Grande near the border of Texas and Mexico. It is a...

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Feb 15, 2011 - Falcon State Park (last couple of days)

February 15 – 16 The presentation on the “Cats of Texas” was as interesting as all of the others that we have had on Tuesday mornings. There are 5 wild cats, although one is no longer present in the state and there is no recent documented evidence that another is still here. Loss of habitat is the most significant factor affecting the population levels of these wild animals. In the past their numbers were reduced due to hunting. The Federal Fish and Wildlife agency is trying to re-establish habitat along the Rio Grande Rive and elsewhere to...

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Feb 12, 2011 - Even More Falcon State Park

February 12 - 14 In the morning we went to Chapitas down by the Rio Grande. We really added to our bird count with several types of duck. Had we greater experience perhaps we could have identified more of them. We also saw an American Kestrel with its beautiful blue side plumage sitting on a power line. We had a pleasant day with warm temps while walking down by the lake we ran into Brian who greeted Steve with the moniker of Cribbage King. Earlier Hank had sort of referred to him the same way. I guess his early losses from the evening...

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Feb 5, 2011 - More time at Falcon State Park

February 5 With the record breaking cold snap finally over and the temperatures becoming more seasonable again, life got back to normal with much more time spent outdoors bird watching and hiking. The sunshine, which is prevalent most days, came back and helps to warm up our campsite. Tuesday’s morning presentation was made by a biologist who is a 5th generation resident of the area and who operates a native plant nursery near here with his wife . He grew up being asked to gather plants for traditional healing by his grandmother. His talk...

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Feb 1, 2011 - Falcon State Park, Feb. 1 - 6

February 1 The cold snap, which is to last about 4 days, is predicted to arrive in a couple of days and therefore plans have changed a bit. Wednesday and Thursday are to be very cold for this location with temperatures just above freezing during the day and below freezing during the night. That means we will have to detach the water hose from the motorhome and bring in anything that will freeze. Our propane furnace will get a good work out. Thankfully the tank is more than half full. We have decided to spend Wednesday morning shopping again...

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Jan 20, 2011 - Falcon State Park, Jan. 20 - 31

January 20 During our trip in 2010, the only reasonable warm weather we found was during the 12 days we stayed at Falcon State Park. That is part of the reason we have fond memories of this State Park. We also like the group of people we met last year that come back here for weeks or months each winter. Many of them are back this year. There are lots of trails to walk, a great semi-desert like environment and of course the large reservoir. This park also has a rec center that is the setting for many of the group activities. We have not been...

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