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May 19, 2019 - Sunday 5/19/19

I haven’t seen any hummingbirds or wrens at my feeders, but I sure have seen them during our evening walks. Ever since I promised to bring my camera along, the heron has disappeared. I’m sure he is still in the area, so I’m being patient. Bill spent 11 hours one day repairing his leaky toilet, then the next day, mine started leaking! The lady that used to own this house used Clorox toilet disks in her tank. Plumbers say they eat away the hoses, and that’s exactly what happened. A few nights ago, Bill discovered that while this community is...

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May 15, 2019 - Kerrville, Texas & LBJ Ranch Tour

May 16th: Kerrville, TX & The LBJ Ranch We stopped in Kerrville for a couple of nights to stay at the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort. While there, I was working on a problem with the coach that I was able to resolve. Our neighbor, who was observing me, came over to ask about our coach motor. While we were looking it over, he noticed that a couple of wires were laying on an exhaust pipe. A protective jacket had melted, but the insulation on the wires had not yet been affected. I was able to repair it and, lucky for us, he saved us the possibility...

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May 14, 2019 - Tuesday May 14

It’s taken two evenings of seeing the blue heron at the pond to realize that I really do need to carry the camera for these walks. I choose to believe that this heron is the same one I used to always see along the riverbanks in our campground. And really, since the campground is only a couple miles away, it is possible. We got the bids for flooring, countertops and backsplash late Friday. CHOKE!! I was willing to compromise and leave the carpeting in the bedrooms, but Bill told me to go ahead and get it all done. So, here is the current...

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May 9, 2019 - Thursday 5/9/19

Never a dull moment around here! Ever since we moved in almost 2 weeks ago, we’ve been hearing periodic scampering across our roof. We couldn’t imagine what would be heavy enough that we would hear it. We were approaching our house several evenings ago after a long walk with Mo, and Bill pointed to our roof and told me to look. A squirrel was up there, running into a hole under our roof! The pest control guy is coming out tomorrow morning to begin mitigation work. Squirrels aside, we continue to see critters every day. I just love the teeny...

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May 5, 2019 - Sunday 5/5/19

We have been spotting all sorts of critters on our walks. The good-sized turtle was right in front of our house. The baby snake was ½ block away. The ducks, white geese and deer are daily visitors. One of our neighbors just told me there was a ‘possum seen in a yard a couple of doors down. Our neighborhood is full of large trees, so we have loads of birds, and some of the birdsongs are new to us (to be researched later). There are also lots of hummingbirds right now. We had dinner last night a few streets over with Lori and Denny, who used...

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Apr 29, 2019 - Monday, 4/29

The plan last Saturday morning (assuming we’d survived the attack of the giant Texas bugs in our room at the Super 8) was to load what cleaning supplies I’d brought from Denver over to the new house and thoroughly clean it before the movers arrived either late afternoon or Sunday morning. We got over there around 8am, and guess what?!! The movers were sitting in their truck, waiting for us! They only had our Denver landline number, so they had no way to get ahold of us to let us know they were already here. The unloading commenced, and they...

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Apr 26, 2019 - Kerrville, TX

It was nice to have most of the traffic disappear today after we passed Lubbock. We did have a little excitement from a state trooper who first tailed us (and ran our plates), then repeatedly drove alongside each of our cars (him in the left lane, us in the right) for several miles. Bill later told me he was looking into our cars to see if there was anything inside that would give him probable cause to stop us and search, including trying to intimidate us into doing something stupid, like... (fill in the blanks). I figured he just hated...

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Mar 29, 2019 - 3/29 Friday

Last night’s walk along the river was another memorable one. While Bill and Mo lagged behind me and got to watch a hawk with some kind of dinner in his talons taking off for home, I was once again surprised by the hidden, nearby Heron when he suddenly took off. Those huge wings are so awesome and noisy! The boys took a different path (Bill lets Mo lead the way), so I went over to the big pond bridge to see if the Night Heron might be there again, and sure enough, he was. He was patrolling the reeds along the edge of the pond. We spotted...

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Mar 27, 2019 - Wednesday 3/27

Boy, do I have a story for you! When we got down here in January, I wrote about wanting to appreciate our time down here, because we never know if it will be our last winter down here. I must have had a sense back then that my ‘life book’ was about to turn another page. We’ve been complaining for several years about how the Denver that Bill grew up in is long gone. The city (even our small area of it) is fast becoming like New York City. Denver has run out of space, so skyscrapers are the newest trend (with one about to be built just a...

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Mar 26, 2019 - Tuesday 3/26

Last night was amazing for me. Two of the birds I’ve been waiting to see, the night heron and egret both decided to put on a show for me. The bluebird was the icing! I hope you don’t mind my critter obsession. Did I mention that they call me the “Elly May Clampett” (the nature-loving daughter from the Beverly Hillbillies) of the campground (aka the “Crazy Camera Lady.”) I’ll write more next time. Enjoy the wonderful Spring weather!

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Mar 21, 2019 - Friday 3/22

We met up with Bill’s cousin, Beth and her hubby Tuesday for lunch in the New Braunfels area (about 1 ½ hours ESE of us). We only make it out to that area once a year, and I always forget about the stark contrast in scenery we see along the drive. Most of the Hill Country is semi-arid, like Denver. But when you head east from here and pass Highway 281 (just west of I-35), you are suddenly taken with how lush and green everything is. I tell folks that there are two dividing lines in Texas, terrain-wise. You can split the state into three...

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Mar 15, 2019 - Friday 3/15

Poor Bill had to call Bingo Tuesday night, trying to compete with the noise of dozens of kids in the Rec Center. He was quite hoarse near the end. Wednesday night Dominoes were flat out cancelled because there wasn’t any room for the seniors. The new owners don’t understand why they keep losing Winter Texans each year. One answer is to give us a dedicated building in the winter. We don’t know yet if we will be able to play beanbag baseball (it’s too cold to play outside today – bummer!). And we have another pot luck coming up on Tuesday...

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