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Mar 15, 2017 - Hueco Tanks

We’ve been out of pocket for a couple of days as we were staying at Hueco Tanks State Historic Site just east of El Paso. There was no wifi and cell phone signals were intermittent. There’s only 20 campsites and you need to make reservations to hike around the site because the number of visitors is limited and only certain parts can be visited without a guide. The reason for the limited access is that there are thousands of pictographs left by prehistoric and historic Indians on the rocks. Before the area was controlled, visitors to the...

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Apr 27, 2015 - Hueco Tanks State Park

Hello family and friends! Greg and I have returned to one of our "old" haunts, White Sands National Monument. We had a little time on our hands before returning to Colorado so G emailed our boss from last year and asked if they needed help. It turns out that they were in desperate straits since four of their volunteer rangers left early due to family and medical issues. We are performing the same roles as last year--working in the Visitor Center and leading hikes out onto the dune field. We opted not to live at the monument but instead have...

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New Mexico, Again

Apr 3, 2013 - Hueco State Historical Site and Park

Yesterday we arrived at Hueco Tanks State Historical Park in Texas, a few miles northeast of El Paso. It turned out that the most direct route to get here was right back through the construction mess we drove thru last night, but Sam was driving this time and he handles that sort of thing much better than I. Hueco Tanks is a remnant of magma that cooled in a limestone formation and, over the millenia, was pushed up and eroded. It now is one of the few places here in the desert that hold water from the rare rains. It has been a favorite...

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Mar 15, 2009 - Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

This morning we went on a guided rock art tour. There are three major outcroppings at Hueco Tanks. One is open to the public for self guided tour and rock climbing. They limit the number of day us permits to 70 people at any one time. The other three outcroppings require a guide for access. Here were 11 other people in our group and our guide was a High School auto mechanics instructor from El Paso who volunteers his time. 10,000 years ago people who used the area for hunting and gathering also left the artistic handiwork in the form of...

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Mar 14, 2009 - Guadalupe NP To Hueco Tanks State Historic Site

We were greeted by a light dusting of snow this morning. The park was shrouded with fog and the mountains were not visible. The forecast called for an additional day of this weather. We made a trip to the Frijoles Ranch and McKittrick Canyon and decided to head south towards El Paso and Fairer Weather. Along the way we took a side trip to Del Texas on a road called an Agricultural Loop. We passed through some farming areas before returning to the main road. A pretty nondescript side road, the only highlights were a couple of hawks and a...

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Apr 7, 2008 - Historic Hueco Tanks

El Paso, Texas, is a heavily polluted city so I gave it a wide berth. Taking the bypass loop we circumvented El Paso and drove the less travelled highway 54. Our destination was the Hueco Tanks State Park about 34 miles north of El Paso. Each campsite is wedged among the rocks with the sheltered deck tucked inbetween the boulders. Ours was elevated with a grand view of the surrounding desert. There are no trees here, only shrubs, because it is so dry and hot. But what a beautiful place to camp and star-gaze! It was so clear at night and the...

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