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Nov 8, 2013 - Fort Parker State Park

We now have MONGO! After leaving the RGV a little after midnight on Monday night and driving all night we arrived safely in Rice, TX, to the Casita factory to pick up our new little trailer Tuesday morning. Despite the rain and cold we were in high spirits and thrilled with the service we received at the factory. Our sales person, Carla, and our service tech, Tim, were both wonderful and gave us a thorough walk-through and in-service on our new little home. Once we were done at the factory we pulled out, still in pouring rain, and stopped...

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Apr 11, 2013 - The Dark Side

We’ve had some wet, chilly weather lately. It reminded us a little of the northeast, cool and damp, with low-hanging clouds and fog blowing across the lake. The barn swallows didn’t seem to mind however, they were out in force, playfully performing aerial aerobatics in the mist. I used the time to get my favorite photos ready for my next “Best-of” entries. I’ve been experimenting with my camera’s photo editing software, to create more high-definition images. I hope you’re as thrilled with the results as I am, there’s nothing like taking a...

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Apr 11, 2013 - Head-Turners and Double-Takes

Somebody asked us the other day, "Have you guys seen anything interesting, or unusual in your travels?" It was then that I realized I never did an entry on all the "wierd" photographs i've been saving, in a folder called "Double-Takes". The title is self-explanatory, so i'll keep this short and let you enjoy the photos. There's alot of unusual, and funny stuff out here... and sometimes, my camera is with me.

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Apr 11, 2013 - Full-timing Q & A

Full-Timing Q&A!!! ‘Morning, campers… recently, Cindy inquired of all our Facebook pals; “If you were to read a book about our lifestyle, what subjects would you most like to see?” You guys responded with really great questions. (A couple of you must be teachers) This entry will be devoted to answering those queries, and the next two to a couple of questions in particular, since they involve photos. (“Have you seen any unusual sights along the way?” & “What are the downsides to the RV lifestyle?”) In the meantime, here are the questions...

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Apr 2, 2013 - The Poison Ivy edition!

WARNING: SOME PHOTOS MAY BE DISTURBING TO SENSITIVE PEOPLE. (While others will just think they’re really cool.) “You’re just pissin’ on a bonfire.” Those were the words spoken to me by the physician at the local hospital, when I told him about the ointments I’d been using on my Poison ivy outbreak. It all began about 9 days and over $100 earlier, the day I’d gone out in search of my lost park radio. It was a warm day, and I was wearing shorts for the first time in weeks. With camera in hand for unexpected opportunities, I spent 8 hours or...

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Apr 2, 2013 - A greener, livelier Fort Parker

Well, Easter weekend is over, and the confetti, uncollected easter eggs, and trash have all been picked up. (Thanks for leaving behind all those candy bars, kids.) Our time here at Fort Parker is almost at an end, and I’ve taken a few parting shots. When we first arrived, the trees were still bare and I didn’t feel the pictures would do the park justice. The weather has warmed up and we’ve had a little rain… this has brought out the wildlife, wildflowers, and greened up the place. Like people, parks personalities change with the climate…...

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Mar 19, 2013 - The hidden beauty of Fort Parker

We’ve been busy here at the park, especially so this past week due to Spring Break. The park Superintendent, Tom, has had plenty of projects for us to help him with, in addition to our normal duties. (For example: photographing wildflowers in the park, helping with canoe rentals, (and soon, replacing missing duck boxes around the lake.) We really enjoy these interesting side-jobs since they add a little variety to our duties. (And we'll get to use the motorboats) The other day around 3pm, Cindy was ready for a nap, but I decided to hike...

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Mar 12, 2013 - Navasota River trip

Fort Parker State Park lies near the east Texas piney woods area, one of our favorite parts of the state. The trees get taller, the forests greener and shadier, and wetlands are more common. This means more rivers and lakes to paddle… and more variety of wildlife to see. Fort Parker is great, because in addition to being a quiet, small, family friendly park… they have four recreational “must-haves”, (At least as far as I’m concerned) all in one place; swimming, nice hiking trails, a lake, and a river! After a few blustery days of wind, and...

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