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Jan 17, 2011 - Carmine

1/16/2011 Oops! Good thing it was a shorter trip today. Seemed long. Very, very long. Torrential rains, high winds, fog...at least it was above 50 degrees! Most of the trip was on Texas secondary roads...the ones that have a 70 mph limit. I suppose this is done because the state is so large and it takes longer to go from one community to another. However, while driving a sail down the road it is virtually impossible to maintain 70 let alone in high winds. GPS proved its value once again. With its help I found the park with no difficulty....

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Jun 7, 2003 - Beth hits the road for the first time.

Here I go! This is a me on my maiden voyage with my old truck and trailer. My first trip was to Ed's house in Newark TX. I must admit I was pretty nervous. Although I have driven lots of big rigs such as limos, school buses and fire trucks, I had never driven anything that bent in the middle! And, since this was quite a bit longer than those other vehicles, I wasn't exactly sure where the rear end was. Ed came to the rescue by following along behind me the whole way so that he could clear a path whenever I needed to change lanes. I have...

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