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Jun 7, 2018 - Knoxville

We took the bypass around Nashville and had an easy rest of drive to Knoxville. We actually stayed south of town as we wanted to hit Smoky Mountains National Park for a day. Our hotel is really nice and walking distance to a couple of good restaurants. Looking forward to Mary's wedding Saturday.

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Oct 19, 2013 - Fireflies and Bluegrass Music

On prior visits to Maryville, TN, we saw fireflies and enjoyed bluegrass music. This trip it is too late in the year for fireflies. Two years ago our friends Laurie and Monty, who live in Maryville, took us to Rocky Branch where we enjoyed several local bluegrass groups. Returning to this area is always a highlight for us. We plan to be here for at least four days and we look forward to visiting with Laurie and Monty once again.

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May 20, 2012 - Highland Games

While I was working Thursday, I took a reservation for 2 cabins for a family; total of 9 people. They came in while I working Friday--Mom, Dad, 6 kids, and 1 soon-to-be son-in-law. The Celtic Martins had arrived! When Ralph and I left work at 8pm, the family was practicing in front of one cabin so we walked over to listen. The family is from Pennsylvania and every member plays at least one instrument-- even Alex, the 6-year old. The girls play fiddles, mandolin, pipe, guitar, and bagpipes; Brian (16) plays guitar and drums. They were here...

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Apr 22, 2012 - Spring UpDate- Getting Ready

(6,923) Hello Friends and Family, Just checking in with everyone. I know it has been an extended amount of time since our last update on our travels and such. Hope this check- in finds everyone doing good, and enjoying the early Spring we got handed to us on a silver platter. As most of you all know, I went back to work last August at DENSO, to help earn a little extra traveling money. Well, that contract ended this past Friday (4/13). It was a lot of fun being back to work with my buddies and close friends. I also had the pleasure of...

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Feb 18, 2012 - UPDATED- Past Due don't you think???

(6,703) Hello to all my Friends and Extended Family, Chris and I are still up and running, however we have been definitely slowed down. Sorry for not sending out updates as usual along the way. The CONCORD has been parked for several weeks now with only one short trip down to Huntsville, Alabama to attend a family wedding. The Redstone Arsenal is a great place to camp if your wanting a good place to hang out while in the Huntsville area. Of course, you need to be DOD or military family to get in there. The time we spent in the military is...

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Jul 25, 2011 - Concord is ready to roll with TOAD

(6,543) UPDATE Howdy to Everyone!!! Just wanted to update the travel page with our latest edition to our camping and road equipment. This update is purely for the camping enthusiast and for the folks that are contemplating towing a car behind their RV. Just recently we purchased a "TOAD" to pull behind our CONCORD. We selected a used 2003 Saturn ION-3 for our TOAD. This vehicle has a 5 speed manual transmission with a 4 cyl engine. Runs good and has great MPG figures (~35 MPG). The tow package has just been installed, and today, we took the...

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Apr 19, 2011 - Road trip- Viola, Tennessee

(6,315) UPDATE: Trip over to Winchester, Tn. via Viola, Tennessee Hello to all my Family and Friends, Just a very short note to say that we departed Maryville in the CONCORD en route to my sister's place, over in Grundy County Tennessee, near Winchester. To spend a few days visiting with my MOM and Sister Peggy. We departed in very sunny weather and took I-40 over to Crossvile and down old hwy 70 south toward McMinnville through some of the most stunningly beautiful country side this side of the Mississippi. Just north of McMinnville...

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Apr 9, 2011 - UPDATE: Spring Is Here- Time for change

(6,247) Hello to all my Dear Family and very close Friends: Hope all of you are enjoying these earlier days of Spring. Around our house we have seen much change and growing the last waning days of Winter and the increasing warmth of an early Spring. Chris and I have endured three chemo treatment cycles and just now started the fourth cycle (3 weeks long). I am feeling strong and determined to see this all the way through the scheduled six treatment cycles. So, hope to be completed by late May, God willing. Chris is taking good care of me,...

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Feb 21, 2011 - UPDATE: Urgent Down Time For Now- Maryville, Tn

(6,182) Hello to all my Family and Friends; This is a special update to our travel log. As some of you all know Chris and I are experiencing some mandatory down time as of about a month ago. Here is the reason, if you haven't already heard: When Chris and I returned back in Nov from our stay at SAM Excursion Train in Cordele, Georgia, I experienced some coughing and swelling of the lymph nodes in my neck area that I just could not explain or justify. I started seeing my regular family doctor and he was not at all happy with with what he...

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Nov 4, 2010 - Back at Maryville, Tennessee- Home Base

(6,080) UPDATE: Back at Home Base in Maryville, Tennessee Hello to Family and Friends, Man, how time flys. We have ended our volunteer stay on the SAM Excursion Train in South Georgia. Over the last 30, or so days, Chris and I have contributed 212 hours of volunteer hours to the Georgia Veteran's State Park / SAM Excursion Train. It was our extreme pleasure to do this work, and (as I have told all of you before) give back a little of what we enjoyed for so many years in the park systems of the United States. The last weekend of Day Out With...

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Aug 27, 2010 - SPECIAL UPDATE- Chad is gone.

(5,756) Hello Family and Friends, This is one of the hardest updates I have had to make. Last Sunday night we said good by to our long time family pet and companion Chad. We have had Chad for 10 years. To make a long story short...Chad was attacked by a predator of some type that killed him very quickly in our front yard. We had let Chad out to do his thing around 11 PM. He was on his very short leash that we staked down in the front yard. We took our eyes off him for about 5 mins and that was enough time for this thing to kill Chad. Chris...

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Aug 1, 2010 - Back at Maryville, Tennessee- Home Base

(5,675) UPDATE August 1, 2010 Hello To All, Well, we have made our way back back to Maryville home base. The Cougar and the "Beast" worked together to make the trip uneventful and easy. I noticed that the outside temps neared 100 degrees F as we made our way from the Highland Rim across the Cumberland Plateau and down into the Tennessee Valley of East Tennessee. Fuel prices seem to a bit higher in Middle Tennessee than here in East Tennessee. Go figure!!! Diesel fuel was going for 2.84/gal on this trip. Fuel prices seem to be about 10 cents...

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