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Mar 20, 2018 - AT Hike Days 29 - 33. Hot Springs to Erwin TN. 69.3 miles

3/15. Hot Springs to Allen Gap 14.6 miles 288.2 3/16. Allen Gap to Big Butt Mt 14.6 miles 302.8 3/17. Big Butt to Hogback Ridge 13.0 miles 315.8 3/18. Hogback to Whistling Gap 13.6 miles. 329.4 3/19. Whistling Gap to Erwin 13.3 miles. 342.7 3/20. Erwin zero day We had a nice time in Hot Springs, the quintessential trail town. Since the town laundromat was closed indefinitely, our little motel let us use their commercial laundry machines to wash our disgusting clothes and sleeping pad. And the post office, outdoor shop and bar & grill were...

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Apr 9, 2016 - Waterfalls on the Way Home

Saturday morning, we were heading back to NC. But of course we had to get some more waterfalls on the way. After checking out of the hotel, we headed towards Erwin and headed into Cherokee National Forest on Clarks Creek Road. In about 3 miles, we reached the trailhead for Sill Branch Falls. After getting our stuff together, we started hiking. We had to dress in layers as it was very cold this morning, unseasonably so for Tennessee in April. We didn't have any warm clothes so we wore rain jackets to help stay warm. The hike was only about...

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Jun 2, 2013 - Uncle Johnny's

Stopped for the night in Erwin, TN at Uncle Johny's hostel. So far this is the coolest place. We got here after dinner time and they went out and got us tacos! and Dreamcatcher shared his beer with us. :) It was a hard road to get here. We hiked our first 20 mile day yesterday, and were so delirious that we woke up and did it again. Also, it was pouring rain and pretty much everyting we had was soaked. So the long hike was to get us into town. We did not want to spend another night out in the woods with wet clothes. For me, today was the...

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Mar 26, 2008 - Let the Training Begin

I am a hiker. Some would say an avid hiker. Others might say I’m a fanatic. There are a few who think I am nuts. Needless to say—I like to hike. I’m not sure why and I have often wondered what makes me want to put a bunch of stuff in a sack on my back and haul it up a hill. Not only do I like to day hike, but I also like to backpack. Now we are talking a whole lot of stuff in a sack on my back up many hills and then sitting on the ground in sweaty cloths to cook a pot of noodles for dinner. How crazy is this and why do I like it so much?...

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