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Sep 1, 2013 - The Famous Iron Mountain Road Rapid City South Dakota

The Iron Mountain Road is one of the better drives in the area. I got on the road just off of Route 36 near the entrance to Custer State Park. You do not have to pay a fee to drive this road. Speaking of Custer, if you are out here, think about buying the annual pass to Custer. Is is 30 dollars for all year. For 7 days it is 15 dollars. I can tell you from my experience if you are out here more than 7 days you will want to go back into the Custer Park. Well worth the dollars. The Road is about 16 miles long and twists and turns in just...

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Aug 25, 2013 - Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore is such a familiar icon in our country that it was quite exciting to visit in person. As we approached the site while on the bus, the faces came into view and became larger. It is amazing to finally understand just how grand and majestic this mountain sculpture really is! Once we entered the walkway to the viewing area, we could see each state was represented by their flag. We toured the museum and watched a film detailing the inception of this vision, from the start of work through its' completion. Much of the sculpting was...

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Aug 22, 2013 - CSP, Needles Parkway, Mt Rushmore

The Needle Parkway is a 14 mile winding road thru the needles formations, with 6 tunnels and several pig tail bridges. The first tunnel we went thru was the narrowest 8'4" right where the needles eye formation is. Danny was concerned that we could not make it thru, however after watching a tour bus come through it toward us, that doubt was squashed! I can understand why motorcyclists would love this road, lots of twists and turns. Mt. Rushmore was fasinating from a historical perpective and how the carving was done almost completely with...

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Jul 14, 2013 - Mount Rushmore

Today’s adventure was to Mt Rushmore. After parking and heading up to the monument it began to sprinkle. We ducked into the gift shop for a bit and then braved the light rain which subsided finally. It was cloudy off and on as we were walking the trail around the monument. We came across a museum building with a Ranger telling a very animated story of the artist and the sculpting of the faces. There were scale models of everything and the equipment used to create the faces. It was very interesting, well worth the walk. A little trivia: The...

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Jun 28, 2013 - Black Hills of South Dakota

The plan for Friday was to see as much off the Black Hills before driving the 350 miles to Denver. Murray and Phil headed off to the Mount Rushmore Memorial Monument. They had low expectations as many people had told them they could see the faces from the road and was not worth the price of admission ($11 per car). They disagreed with the critics and enjoyed their 2.5 hours there. They each rented an audio (cell phone size) tour guide and enjoyed the monument and trail-- guided by the recorded information. Following their self guided tour,...

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May 24, 2013 - Day 10 : The alternative Rushmore - Crazy Horse, a train ride and back to Rushmore at night

A day trip out 10 miles in the other direction from Rushmore to see the even more monumental task - the First Nations monument, Crazy Horse. This has been under way now for 60+ yrs. The sculptor originally worked at the 4 heads monument, went off to war and when he came back was commissioned by the First Nations to produce a monument to their history - he chose to sculpt an entire mountain! He worked for 10 yrs on his own, and later had the support of his ever increasing family (to 10 kids) as well as some other helpers. Never more than 10...

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May 23, 2013 - Day 9 : A day out at Mt Rushmore

The memorial site was just 5 miles round the corner from our excellent campsite. An awesome site (and sight) and many years sustained work, which eventually ran out of money and government resolve at the time of the US joining WW2 in 1941. The pictures speak for themselves - there should have been more detail e.g. collars and ties and shoulders and hands, but see above.

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May 22, 2013 - Day 8 : Buffalo to Mt Rushmore - a day on the road again, including a close encounter

Just a day on the road to get to Rushmore, but then realised we were passing Devil's Tower. Couldn't resist the temptation to detour a few miles to take this in. (Surely everyone has seen 'Close encounters of the 3rd kind'?) This rises a straight 1500+ft above the surrounding hills/land (which are themselves some 4000ft above sea level). Reflection: we have now driven thousands of kilometres on 4 lane interstates - rarely seeing another car except near towns and villages. (a) what phenomenal and vast resources the US has put into its...

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Oct 21, 2012 - Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Well, again, it’s been four years since we visited Mt. Rushmore and, of course, it was breathtaking. We saw it in the evening which is spectacular because they light up the Memorial 30 minutes after the sun goes down and keep it lit for about an hour. So beautiful. It was a gorgeous evening, clear and 63 degrees. We’re going back tomorrow to visit during the day, do the hike and, of course, hit the gift shop. Did You Know? The four figures carved in stone on Mount Rushmore represent the first 150 years of...

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Sep 4, 2012 - Keystone, SD

Day Four: Destination - Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills Soundtrack: James Taylor, John Mayer, Glee, Jimmy Buffet, and Steppenwolf Nicholas has thus far been unsuccessful at cooling down the engine, but some of the Volkswagon gods have told him that Pumbaa's engine is running at a similar temperature to their busses and he should stop freaking out about it. Then his dad said the same thing. So, hopefully we can rest a little easier during these next few thousand miles. After spending part of the afternoon in the Menards parking lot trying...

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Aug 19, 2012 - Badlands & Mt Rushmore

Took the Badlands loop off I-90. Such an awesome sight. Miles and miles of rugged peaks and canyons. Also stopped at an 1880 Old Town for lunch and to see the village and props from Dances With Wolves. Fun lunch in an old train diner car. Arrived late afternoon at Mt. Rushmore and stayed for the evening lighting and pledge of allegiance ceremony. Very moving.

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Aug 7, 2012 - Busy group .....

Well, I’m a little behind in my updates. I suppose the pictures really tell the story! Now that your eyes have recovered from the “R” rated entry from Monday we can move on to the normal views of this trip. The gang walked the streets of Sturgis on Monday doing a little shopping, people watching and having lunch. After lunch the Goldwing gang went back home to chill and the Harley gang partied on. Now I’m not going to tell tales because it was posted on Facebook but one of the ladies did have a little airbrushing done. Don’t look for a...

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