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Aug 13, 2018 - Now I've Been There

I first opened a map of the United States and laid out a route for this back in 2011. When I stood back and looked at the route I realized I would be hitting every state in the western U.S. except North Dakota. Ergo the little side trip to Fargo yesterday. Now I can say I've been there. Had a number of observations traveling down I-29 from Fargo to Sioux Falls. The land was extremely flat like northern Minnesota. Although ND is supposed to be a wheat producing state, what I saw was a lot of corn and soy beans. Then almost exactly at the...

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Jul 30, 2013 - Welcome to South Dakota

We made it all the way to Kennebec, South Dakota on day one. Kings Inn is the place for the night. Some stops along the way included the Corn Palace, a western Culver's for ice cream, Missouri River crossing, and Kennebec for the night. Sandy's words of advice for the day, "Sioux City is not Sioux Falls... don't confuse these things." Icecream Everyday Goal: Completed at Culver's.

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Go West!

Jun 23, 2013 - Jackson, MN to Kennebec, SD

We did get that 40% chance thunderstorm during the night but it didn’t last long. Lots of lightening, hardly any thunder and just enough rain to make me get up to close the vent. When Dave went outside this morning at 6:30, the Boy Scouts were already gone! Today we were on I-90 West for 251 STRAIGHT miles. We saw miles and miles and miles of corn for almost 3 hours. And then all of a sudden, there it was, right in front of us. A billboard that said, “World’s Only Corn Palace”. It was like a dream come true! We got to the Corn Palace just...

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Jul 26, 2011 - Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, and a Tornado Watch

Today we saw Crazy Horse Monument, a 563 foot high statue that has been in progress since 1947. Crazy Horse was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota in about 1842. He was stabbed in the back by an American soldier while at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, under a flag of truce. He died September 6, 1877. The memorial is to the spirit of Crazy Horse, a Oglala Lakota warrior, and to his people. When you drive through the land and see just how much of it there is, it is even more painful to think of what was done to the people living here. As Red...

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Sep 21, 2010 - Badlands

Mt. Rushmore has changed from that long ago time. Now you have to pay even to get a parking slot so we left and took a couple of pictures from the road. I can remember the walk to the viewing area as being short, now it is far away. At least we saw it. We are now getting back on I-90 and headed for Wall Drug. It too has changed from that long ago time but not so much but it was fun to wander through the shops. We didn't get a cup of 5 cent coffee but we did get some ice cream. It tasted good even though the day was not hot, but like all...

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Oct 18, 2008 - Ever heard of Kennebec, SD? Me, Neither!

***Before you read today's entry, check out yesterday's additional entries and pictures--if you're interested. The kids wrote about their experiences at the mall!*** Hey all! We made it quite a bit further today than we had first planned! That's a good thing because then we can spend a little more time at Mount Rushmore tomorrow! Oh, boy, the driving is getting boring again! We're in South Dakota and it feels a lot like being in Saskatchewan with a couple differences: here there's nothing but corn fields and pig farms! Peeeyouuuu! (How do...

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Jul 23, 2008 - it is what it is...Walnut Grove MN

At the beginning of this trip we had a family talk about expectations, not being able to forsee things that come up, and about pulling into campgrounds late and not knowing what we were getting. We told the kids, it is a road trip, not necessarily "camping", when we pull into a site, it is what it is.. Last night we enjoyed a relaxed evening with a fire at our Minnesota KOA. Today we decided to head north on a huge detour up hwy 71 just to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove Minnesota. As we head out it is around 76 degrees...

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Jun 7, 2007 - Day Thirty Six

Left Fairmont,Minnesota at 11:00 AM this morning with the wind still blowing. and it is still blowing now 2-1/2 hours later. We are now in South Dakota. Stopped briefly in Sioux Falls because the sewer house broke this morning and had to buy a new one and ended up with a few other purchases too. Don't know if we will make Rapid City tonight or not with this wind. It's still 308 miles away. At least the slideout awning isn't causing problems so far today. They have some of the wind propellors here to generate energy just like they do back in...

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