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May 23, 2012 - Short Stay Naval Rec Center, Moncks Corner South Carolina

Today is our last day at Short Stay, very peaceful right now, a big difference from last night, sitting here watching the alligator, ducks, geese and pelicans walk, swim and fly by. We saw an Osprey flying with a fish in it's grasp. Had a fire and watched the sunset, not as spectacular as others but still beautiful

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May 22, 2012 - Short Stay Naval Rec Center, Moncks Corner South Carolina

Today was a real mix of weather. The day started with Mike making some Sourdough Whole Wheat bread. He did it the way it was done way back when bread was not made with yeast. The bread was very nutty and had a great flavor, it was very dense, as such it will be used for toast. Will make the next batch using yeast to see how it comes out. We watched a bird gather duck down for its nest, saw a woodpecker and duck eggs, just laying next to a tree, the duck here just lay the eggs anywhere even in the grass and leave them. We saw an alligator in...

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May 21, 2012 - Short Stay Naval Rec Center, Moncks Corner South Carolina

Lazy day siting looking at the water, ducks, geese, pelicans, squirrels and fish jumping. Our next door neighbors caught two 35 lb catfishes. We ate Prince Edward Island (Canada Maritime Province) Mussels, First time we (Reggi) fixed them, they were great, had good instructions from Marlin & Kay Pihl, our dear friends we first met in Alaska.

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May 20, 2012 - Short Stay Naval Rec Center, Moncks Corner South Carolina

We are right on Lake Moultrie near Moncks Corner. We are Northwest of Charleston. What a wonderful site, we are 20 feet from the water and have a wonderful westerly view. Wonderful sunset this evening, didn't see any of the ring of fire eclipse, not sure we would see anything being so far east.

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Oct 6, 2011 - as the power plant turns............

when the job starts to wind down, the night crew is sent home first, then they cut back on the dayshift. all is well, of course since scott is newest employee on days, he was told to go ahead an plan on finishing his shift on wednesday, and then heading out. no problemo, the foreman says he will give scott an excellent report to the boss. wonderful news. wellllll then before he leaves, there is talk about some parts on the generator that are needing repair, pointed out by our man scott to the foreman. of course ya know he checks it out,...

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Oct 2, 2011 - santee cooper job

Scott had a good day, he says it was pretty intense climbing all over this generator to start the dis assembly. Scott said it was a "tough, hardworking group of guys". I pointed out they may be surprised to find out the "quiet one" was actually an ex-con! he had a good laugh at that. One thing for sure, everyone pulls their weight, or the foreman sends you. Scott is confident he was able to pull his own weight plus some. We all know he has an exceptional work ethic, that's why every employer he has had, hated to see him go.

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Oct 1, 2011 - first day

Glad to report Scott had a good first day. It was a bit slow going since the 10'x30' generator had not cooled off enough to work on, even with coolers blowing on it. There were 7 crewmembers for the dayshift, Scott just happened to luck days. Some of the other fellows had just finished up a papermill job in kansas. After the generator has been "rewound" (which will be a different crew), it will need to be put back together. Scott may or may not be available when that time comes. Overall he sounded positive, but tired:)

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Sep 30, 2011 - safety training day

safety training today then start the job tomorrow. scott will be working 7am-7pm until the job is done. they will be disassembling a large generator that has to be inspected and maintained. scott met some of the other crewmembers today, said they seemed like a good group of guys. I know scott i hoping to get to go on the colorado job near boulder in mid october. we will see where he ends up next. I wonder where Trinity thinks her pawpaw will show up on the map in the near future? I wonder where Iris thinks her uncle scott wil show up on the...

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Sep 29, 2011 - day one

Scott left on sept 28,2011 at 6am, he called to say he made it at 6am friday sept 29. He is staying at the econo-lodge. Moncks corner south carolina, is named after the monastery. He expects to be there 10days. His first day on the new job adventure in the world of power plants! I have added photos of the area to get a feel for the carolinas! When Scott comes home, i will add photos he has taken.

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