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Mar 13, 2015 - South of the Border, South Carolina

In 1949, Mr. Alan Schafer built a simple 18 x 36 foot beer stand known as South of the Border Beer Depot. As it adjoined the North Carolina counties, which were dry of alcoholic beverages, business boomed. A few years later a 10-seat grill was added and the business was re-named South of the Border Drive-In. In 1954, Mr. Schafer added 20 motel rooms. Materials for the addition were shipped to “Schafer Project South of the (North Carolina) Border”. Mr. Schafer shortened the name of his business to South of the Border. One may ask, “How did...

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Nov 8, 2011 - South of the Border

Everyone who has driven I-95 from Florida to the northeast knows South of the Border. It is a pretend Mexican spot which plays on the border between Mexico and the United States, but is really on the border between North & South Carolina. The signs advertising this total tourist trap start at least 100 miles in each direction and are very eye-catching; anyone traveling with kids would have a hard time passing by. However, beware, it is the biggest pile of junk ever seen. It does have some small amusement rides. It does have the largest...

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