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Apr 28, 2008 - Hershey & Bucknell

We got up late and drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We did the tour around the factory and really enjoyed the chocolatey smell. We even got some free samples. I ate one even though I do not particularly like chocolate, it tasted good after smelling it for so long. On the ride/tour we got sang to by song cows and how "its the milk chocolate" that really makes the chocolate good. After the tour we went through the gift shop and we had no idea that Hershey owned all of those candy brands. It was amazing. Hershey Park was closed, to my...

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Sep 18, 2007 - Whistle Stop in Lewisburg, PA

I can't tell you how excited Phil is tonight. We have cable TV for the first time on this trip (other than motel nights) and tonight is --- Monday Night Football! He has his computer all fired up with the stats and ready to go - but game time isn't until 8:30 here. He'll be ready. YIKES - what is that? A bird just flew into our home. Oh, he's a cute little bird - he looks a bit like a meadowlark - but smaller. He is flitting around - I'm sure wondering "where am I and how did I get here?" After a moment he calmed down, we opened all the...

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