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Sep 28, 2019 - National Public Lands Day

A big finale! National Public Lands Day! UPDE is cleaning up the area around the Zane Grey MUseum to restore it to how it looked when Zane Grey lived there in the first decade of 1900. THe museum is emptied out to restore floors and rehab the old kitchen area so it can be used. THe big barn in the back will be a bathroom and the entrance will be in the back of the building, handicapped accessible! THis will take a few years, I imagine, but it is good to hear abvout these changes! We all worked hard for three hours this morning and enjoyed...

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Jul 31, 2019 - Eagles abound!

I was bored on a Thursday afternoon when Kaleigh pointed out that an eagle had just landed in a nearby tree. I found it and took a picture with my cell phone, but it wasn't so good, so I got my good point & shoot camera. When I got back to the tree, I watched it take off, glide over the river, scoop up a fish, and go to a lunch spot across the Lackawaxen River. It was far away and I had to use the digital zoom feature on the camera without the benefit of a tripod, so pictures were hard to get and the quality is not good. BUT - I did get a...

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Jun 15, 2019 - First full week at UPDE

While walking on the towpath trail to pull and bag invasive mullein plants, I came upon a small woodchuck who thought it was hiding from me in the bushes. Small, young woodchucks are cute. While sending messages to friends one night at the nearest spot I can find to get phone service, I looked up and saw 4 black bears walking in front of my car! I got the camera going in time to get a shot of them walking past me – you can see that I hang out at a service station in PA after work! This is also the weekend for the annual Sojourn on the...

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Jul 18, 2015 - Zane Grey Festival

This festival is the highlight of activities for the Upper Delaware and lots of work goes into planning it and getting community groups to participate in. This year, I recruited one of my watershed stewards to help me with the booth so we would both have some spare time to visit all the tables and displays. the day was perfect this year, not too hot or windy, and no rain!

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Sep 12, 2014 - last day and night at UPDE

We were going to do a river cleanup with most of us that are left in the park, but Shannon wasn't feeling well, and besides, the weather turned cooler and we would need jackets. It's ok - maybe next year I will be able to do it with Ingrid, like we have been trying to do. There was plenty of office work and organizing to do anf the day went fast. I learned that Jamie was coming to Lackawaxen in the evening to do some net seining for young shad and that Shannon was going to volunteer to help. Ingrid and I came around sunset to watch the...

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Sep 1, 2014 - End of season sightings at UPDE

These pictures show some of the wildlife and people seen along the river on these glorious summer days. I participated in a river cleanup at the northern reaches of the park and that is beautiful and calm! We put in on the west branch of the Delaware and took out about 5 miles downstream on the PA side at an access called Buckingham. The river was low and calm and the accesses were perfect for my fiberglass kayak. I just may bring my kayak with me next year if I can get people interested in doing it with me! I still can't go upstream in...

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Aug 12, 2014 - What it's like working at UPDE

Even though there is an intern here majoring in media applications at school, I was around to take pictures of everyday life here at the Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River. Jay is doing videos for public service announcements stressing water safety for the public. I hope to see his work at the end of the season! Rangers and interns prepare and present educational programs on many aspects of life in the river valley for children and adults. They take place at the Zane Grey Museum and in neighboring towns. I couldn’t be present for...

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Jun 15, 2014 - Baby birds and ducks

Right under the front porch of the Zane Grey Museum, a robin decided to build a nest and raise a family. I was busy cutting down trees and taking out vines and weeds growing in amongst the bushes nearby when I decided to try to find out where all the cheeping was coming from. As I got near, the babies knew to be very quiet and still, but I found them anyway! The next morning, I went to visit them, and the nest was empty! One of the babies was perched on the lattice, so I got to get a picture of it before it left for good. Later that same...

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May 26, 2014 - Memorial Day at UPDE

Memorial Day weekend is usually the unofficial start of the summer when everyone likes to get out of doors and camp, hike, fish, and fire up the grills. The weather cooperated this year and we had a pretty busy weekend. On Monday, I found myself stationed at the Lackawaxen access but it was not so busy because it was a day that people had to pack up and get back home. But I got a couple of pictures that express the day in the river. The first one is a local kayaker with a service dog that can alert him when he is about to have an epileptic...

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May 9, 2014 - Canal Days at UPDE

As soon as I arrived at the campsite in Barryville, NY on Wednesday, I got parked then drove over to the Zane Grey Museum where the Interpretive Offices are. I got the jackets like last year and was invited to start work the next day by taking pictures! The Park was hosting a program yesterday and today for various schools in the area to tell and show them what life was like back in the middle 1800s whne the D&H canal was in its glory days. There were 4 stations set up to showcase the building and maintenance of the aqueduct, what a typical...

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Jul 13, 2013 - River Cleanup Day

Believe it or not, I actually ventured into a canoe on the Upper Delaware to help clean it up between Ten Mile River and Lackawaxen! It was a journey of 6.7 miles with 3 sets of rapids but I was taken care of by Emily, a 21 year-old intern who is small but strong! The river wasn't so bad this time as it was warmer and the level was down under 4 feet at the gauge they use to advertise it. We stuck mostly to the sides of the river and leaned over to pick up cans, flip-flops, pieces of nailed wood, etc. People found tires, chairs, a cooler...

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Jun 23, 2013 - Sojourn leaves from Lackawaxen

They seemed to just get on the river and go this morning - no big meeting at the access sight and no gathering on the river waiting for everyone to get in their boats. I was told about the Western Dentist and he made an appearance! He is really a dentist and knows all about Zane Grey, so he dresses the part whenever he can, spouting off all his knowledge to whomever will listen!

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