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May 30, 2011 - Erie, Pennsylvania

Today is our final day in Erie, Pennsylvania. We have had a lot of rain, and the Park we are in is a mud hole!!! Our lack of planning regarding the Memorial Day weekend is the reason we are stuck in the mud. We did visit Presque Isle and the Presque Isle State Park which is truly a magnificent State Park. Thelma, our dog that hates water, actually they both do, was trying to get her sister to chase her across the sand, and was shocked when she found out the sand ran out at the water’s edge. She went clear in and was not a happy dog. I just...

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Aug 9, 2010 - Sightseeing

We went for a drive today up to Lake Erie at Erie PA and along the coast west then back home here. Saw several more of horse and buggies on the road and farmers cutting hay using horses. Saw some of the new wind chargers up there and no dead birds around. We had a good day for sightseeing.

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Jul 14, 2010 - Ohio! Garmin Nuvi

I remember when we could have made this trip without stopping! Not now! Stopped in Erie, PA! Now we are in Ohio, land of those Buckeye fans in my life! Our GPS, "Garmin Nuvi" says we'll get to my parents' at 2:20! Cannot wait! Uh oh, construction!-don't see anyone working! We bought an EZ pass! Good in 14 states! Let's hope the construction doesn't slow us down! Listening to our 70's medley!

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May 1, 2010 - Driving into the unknown

I am having an unknown crisis. Since January, 25 2010 my life just seems as if I am going from one uncertainty to the other and April 18, 2010 when I thought that I had it all together it came apart once again. Is my health 100%? Who knows, but one thing for sure I cannot spend the rest of my life worrying about when the scar tissues in my abdomen is going to act up again. The world is a great place and there is so much for me to see, so hence this trip or some might say, "Diana why is it taking you 7 days to get to Memphis, TN? I want to...

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Apr 8, 2010 - Erie, Pennsylvania

Tonight we are in Erie, Pennsylvania. We traveled north from Summersville, West Virginia on Hwy 19. We then followed I -79 north through Pittsburgh to Grove City. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Grove City is home to Glenna’s favourite mall. This afternoon we stopped in for a few hours so Glenna could visit some of her favourite stores, while I updated my blog using the mall wifi. Luckily she came back bagless!! We always try to stay at campgrounds with wifi. Our campground directory lists all the campgrounds and all the amenities they have....

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Aug 7, 2009 - Week 10 already!

Wednesday, August 5: A great start with sunshine, cool temperatures, and clean bikes! The morning ride was slow and rural with nothing outstanding as far a scenery. I am now a witness to the dairy farms going west into Ohio. After riding for two hours and forty-five minutes, we finally stopped for gas with only 98 miles on the tank for the day. It gives you a sense that we were not on the highway! A math mental giant can figure out the MPH. Just say slow. Lunch was a shared sub, but a bit too greasy for my taste (see Jeff's photo). Out...

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Aug 5, 2009 - Eastbound and Gittin' It

Left Mich. this AM headed to Niagra Falls. Got this far and decided to stop. Learned of a casino close by so will stay for 2 nights instead of 1. Had dinner at a TGI Friday's just like at home, made a stop at Wal-Mart and came back to camp. Cable TV available so no need to use satilite. Beautiful warm day. Windows open and no A/C.

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Aug 4, 2009 - Greg, my son, to the rescue in Erie!

Monday, August 3: Rochester, NY to Erie, PA was a treat, especially when we got to Rt.5 along Lake Erie. The road was great for bikers with little traffic and the vineyards went on for miles, even in PA. A whole day without rain gear with pleasant temperatures. We arrived at the Harley Dealer in Erie who took our bikes right away and the HD tech came out to personally speak to Jeff about his old bike, the carborator, the tire, and the new wobble Jeff noticed in his front tire at highway speed. My bike just needed the 10,000 service. The...

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Aug 4, 2009 - Service in Erie

Sunday 8/02 Back to “work”. We load up and just as we leave it starts to rain. Hey, it’s only 5 minutes to the ferry dock so no problem. Yes, we’re wearing the suit. We get within one block and the traffic is completely gridlocked. It’s Sunday morning so what’s up? There is a triathlon this morning and all the roads to the ferry are closed to cars but there are no signs up. Hundreds of folks want to cross a bridge that’s also closed. What a mess. It takes us 45 minutes in the pouring rain to go 2 blocks to get in front of a cop who lets us...

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Jul 29, 2009 - Day 51 Erie, Pennsylvania

We left the Herkimer, New York campground about 8:30am and drove about 300 miles to a campground in Erie, Pennsylvania. All of the driving was on the New York Thruway and the condition of the roads are not that great. The toll charges for a motorhome towing a car was almost $70.00 for driving all the way across New York state on the Thruway. You would think with the expensive toll charges and with a steady stream of traffic using the Thruway, the toll revenue could be used to build the smoothest road in North America, but that money is...

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Jul 13, 2009 - Erie, Penn.

Today was a down day here in Erie, Penn. Those are our few two-night stops. The reason for the extra stay was the indoor water park here called Splash Lagoon. The boys and Scott spent all day at the water park while I worked on a job application, tried to deal with my broken camera, and shopped for groceries. I dried out the camera and it’s starting to work a little, at least enough to recover the photos from yesterday’s visit and boat ride at Niagara Falls. But no photos for today, sorry. I got a request from a follower to hear the boys’...

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Jul 12, 2009 - Lewiston, NY, to Erie, Penn.

It was a frustrating, back-and-forth day that ended on a sour note. Saturday I lost my eyeglasses, probably at the military museum. Once I realized it, I didn’t want to go back. I called the museum but no luck. I ordered a new pair by phone. They should be ready when I get home to Davis. I actually had a spare pair with me, so that was lucky. Sunday, we packed up from our KOA campsite in Lewiston, N.Y., and headed back to the falls. We were excited about taking a boat ride right up to the falls. The view was spectacular, totally worth the...

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