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Apr 17, 2019 - early spring

We had a ragged departure this morning. Last night we looked at the map and decided on a route. As we left the campground, both of our GPS's had differing ideas; neither matched what we had planned. While I was struggling to figure out which one to follow, Ken missed a turn and we were definitely headed in the wrong direction. His GPS which accounts for our height, wanted to send us back east through Washington D.C . even though we were going northwest. Mine wanted to send us across the Potomac on tiny roads. I couldn't tell how tall the...

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South by Southeast

May 12, 2014 - Confluence, PA and the Great Allegheny Passage

Saturday AM, got awoken in the middle of the night by Rascal trying to escape through a window that had a screen somehow open a little open. Glad he's not a quiet creature! Got packed up and moving by 11AM to head to Confluence, PA. Stopped in Hancock, MD with the idea of doing a 3 state bike ride from West Virginia through Maryland and onto Pennsylvania, which going through Hancock would be a 1.1 mile ride! But the bridge to West Virginia was not bike friendly, so not wanting to get hit by an 18 wheeler, we skipped it. Did discover a nice...

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Aug 19, 2008 - not such a fun day

It started nice enough. We joined Barb & Gary for a stroll around the Harrison Lake and chatted about our plans for Down Under this winter. We wanted to leave at 10am, because we had 300 miles to go. Well, it was more like 10:30 when we left, but that should have been no big deal. Since the diesel prices in Ohio are considerably cheaper than what lies ahead, we got off the turnpike to refuel. Getting back on meant another encounter with a toll booth. The words "Boy, this area is mighty narrow," were hardly out of my mouth than the mirror on...

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Aug 6, 2007 - Day 43, Confluence, PA

Another wonderful day as it looked like it wanted to rain but not a drop fell on me and that is good! We spent the first part of the day climbing hills. I knew that PA had hills but not this many and so steep. By mid day I was ready for some flat ground! The second half was just what I ordered - a long ride on a rail to trail program. The YRT (former Western Maryland Railroad) started in West Newton and ended at our camp site for the day in Confluence. The trail ran along the side of a beautiful river. Could not have asked for a better...

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