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Sep 15, 2017 - Bethlehem PA Sept 11-15

Our plan was to leave Dillsburg/Harrisburg PA and go to Wet Point (military academy) for 8 nights. With our set-back we had to make an adjustment so I could experience some childhood memories. So West Point will be visited later and we stayed in the Bethlehem area for 5 nights. The park we are staying in is in the Pocono Mountains and very close to Bethlehem, where my mother was raised – the family was here for generations. I lived in Bethlehem for 2 years (1 yr with my sister and mom at my grandparents and 1 in town with my parents and...

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Jan 3, 2015 - Little Town of Bethlehem

Happy New Year to all. Sue and I went to Bethlehem, PA last weekend. Bethlehem calls itself the "Christmas City". In 1937, the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce started a nationwide letter writing effort to other Chambers of Commerce asking each of them to notify their local newspapers of the campaign to make Bethlehem, Pennsylvania “the Christmas City”. They asked that people throughout the country send their Christmas cards to Bethlehem to receive the “Christmas City” cancellation. Most of the Chambers participated and more than 185,000...

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2014 Christmas

Apr 24, 2012 - Omelets and Mushrooms

I have no idea what we hauled to Bethlehem, PA other than it was frozen food. Couldn't make out the code language on the bills. Probably frozen pizza or something. Anyway, an uneventful drive there except for the snowstorm in the western Pennsylvania mountains. Fortunately the ground is thawed so nothing was sticking. Just a weird sight to see with leaves coming out on the trees and bushes all green! We were able to stop into one of our favorite, local breakfast/lunch diners.....Chris's Restaurant. I love their sausage and cheese omelet!...

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Apr 5, 2012 - Fat Boy

Pete has named our new Garmin GPS "Fat Boy". Fat Boy has a girl's voice, whatever. I love this GPS. but it brings Pete much stress unless we're on the interstate. We're driving white rental mini-van which is now splattered with massive amounts of bloody bug guts. We are traveling in style!

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Oct 29, 2011 - This is what we came back to?

SNOW ! IN October? DAMN ... We're out of here after a couple weeks. The storm caused widespread power outages and since the trees still had leaves a good many branches fell. I had a call from LCCC to help teach so I worked at the Community College Driver Training program for 2 weeks got assigned the 2 PM - 11 PM shift for 40 hours each week so WHY did I retire? THAT will be my last time I do a favor Too Old for this S_ _ _

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May 14, 2011 - Dizzyworld part III

Disney World has been HOT all week temps in the mid 90"s so keeping hydrated is a key factor ( one reason for no entry on the 12th ) We came back from Epcot and had dinner at Meg and Adam's cabin. Skibobs, corn, salad and wine. We went back to our trailer and crashed. Friday the 13Th was back to Magic Kingdom for more adventures. Heat was a factor again. We went to Frontierland where Matty rode Thunder Mountain again (he went on the first day when we were checking in) roller-coasters don't seem to phase him But Splash Mountain was...

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May 11, 2011 - Disneyworld

Arrived at Disney World this afternoon at 1:01 PM we have a site with Meg, Matty, Adam, Dorrie and Chuck's Cabin right behind us. The heat is about 94 again today so the gang came back wilted from the heat about 3:00, Matty took a nap. Went to dinner at the campground restaurant then took the ferry to Main street to find that we got there 9:01 to see the fireworks and the park closes at 9:00 PM so back on the boat to Fort Wilderness Campground. We need to make a plan to go early come back at the heat of the day and go back to wherever in...

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May 10, 2011 - Florida- St Augustine

Everyone settled into a routine We have set up of trailer down pretty well. Last night our stay in South Carolina was typical.... we were next to a small farm with several bulls and a very noisy rooster (almost had chicken for dinner today).. what's with the train thing we were near another set of busy tracks and those engineers love that air horn. St Augustine was 94 today TG for AC. They have wild fires in the glades just south of us and we get the smell of smoke from the fires. We now have geocaches in VA, NC , GA and FL. Bonnie has...

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May 9, 2011 - SC-St George

The latest cat news is Clyde now has it figured that when it's time to go in the cat carrier he can hide under the kitchen extension. Took several bribes of treats to make his belly surrender to the moment. We found last night that we were next to the Amtrak line and a grade crossing nearby. I was hoping all night that the porter would bring me a cup of coffee or a sandwich... travel into North Carolina we stopped to get our geocache ( Got 2 in Emporia VA the day before). Got to St George SC and dropped the camper at the camp ground turned...

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May 8, 2011 - VA and

Off today from Gettysburg PA to Emporia VA. The weather was perfect on the way in mid 70's. Changed the kitties to one large carrier at a rest stop in Woodbridge VA. Bonnie had a hissy fit at first with Clyde then finally settled in and the question about when do we get there stopped. Staying at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park will upload some pictures later. Off to St George, SC tomorrrow..

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May 7, 2011 - Fixed and on the Way

Picked up the trailer at Schaeffer's today with new water heater installed. We decided that it was more efficient to pick up the trailer and go from Shoemakersville then to come back to Bethlehem and leave Sunday. We packed everything we needed to add to the trailer in the pickup (might be huge but it carries the payload), transferred the bikes and rack to the trailer and we were on our way. The "gangsters" wanted to know all day if "Are we there yet? " every 2 minutes. They finally settled down when I explained that it was just around the...

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May 4, 2011 - And the waters parted

Slight wrinkle seems the water heater in the camper sprung a leak over the winter. The new unit will be overnighted to Schaeffer's and installed on Friday. So we made a shuffle in plans we will leave Saturday spend the night in Gettysburg, PA then we have a shorter trip Sunday to get the grand-kitties accumulated to the routine. Never rains when it pours..

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