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Apr 28, 2019 - Alexandria

We spent a night at the Endless Caverns RV Park and then drove the rest of the way to Dad's hometown of Alexandria, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, our arrival found Aunt Shirley in the hospital with an unexplained cough. We were able to have some nice visits with Denny and Elaine and several visits with Shirley. Denny is a hunter and bagged a turkey while we were there. On his second day out he and his hunting companion were distracted from turkey hunting and he brought home 169 morel mushrooms. He brought us some mushroom soup and a bag of...

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May 11, 2017 - Washington

Cherry Hills is one of our favorite campgrounds. There is a great bike path a mile up the road and there is easy public transportation to D.C. Unfortunately, Sue’s bursitis is acting up and her walking activities are limited. That didn’t prevent Sue from socializing. I was sitting at the computer in the Phaeton when she came through the door announcing, “We have company!” She was followed by eight Chinese folks who were staying in the campground. Sue had invited them in to see the coach. They were on a fourteen-day tour in two small...

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May 17, 2015 - Weekend in Alexandria

On Friday we entered Pennsylvania with its narrow town streets and steep hills. It was good news that the Phaeton handled and performed perfectly. We spent this weekend in Alexandria with Aunt Shirley, Uncle Allen, Elaine and Denny. This has become an annual visit and is always a good time with lots of good conversation and reminiscing. As usual we ate too much. One of the reasons for this was the copious amount of food that resides in Shirley and Allen’s house. The other was the accustomed visits to Paesano’s (pizza and ice cream) and...

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Oct 12, 2013 - Family and Hartslog Day

We are having a fun time, as usual, with Shirley and Allen. My brother, Bob, and his wife, Patty, came from the Cleveland area to Alexandria to spend a couple of days. That made for a lot of sitting in the Porter’s living room talking over old times. We also walked to Denny and Elaine’s home to see Denny’s eclectic collection that includes taxidermy, religious art, and a host of artifacts that he has found during many years of traipsing through the woods of Pennsylvania. It is an amazing collection. Bob and Patty weren’t able to stay for...

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Oct 9, 2013 - Alexandria and Volleyball

Yesterday it was east on route 22 with a stop for lunch at Clem’s Barbecue before arriving in Alexandria. We are all set up at Aunt Shirley and Uncle Allen’s having found the satellite with our portable dish. Today Denny and I headed to State College for the Penn State women’s volleyball game with Minnesota. Our trip included a mandatory stop at the Wegman’s store before having dinner and heading to Rec Hall for the match. It was an exciting match with PSU prevailing in five sets.

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Nov 7, 2012 - Dad's Home Town

We drove the hills of PA on Wednesday and arrived in my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Allen's front yard in Alexandria, PA, my dad's home town. Shirley and Allen live across the street from a large farm just down the street from their son, Denny, and his wife, Elaine. They have a new resident Kai, a labrador retriever. Kai belonged to their other son, Doug, who has moved into an apartment in Kansas City. On Thursday night Denny and I drove to State College to catch the Penn State versus Illinois volleyball game at Penn State's Rec Hall. The PSU...

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Oct 10, 2011 - Back Home Again in Alexandria

We left Brook-n-Wood on Thursday headed for my dad's home town of Alexandria, PA. We had visited there last year on July 4 - Last Year's Visit. It was just a little too far for a one-day trip, so we stopped at a KOA south of Williamsport for Thursday night. We were very surprised to find ourselved parked next to a matching See Ya owned by a couple who had just bought it last May and were traveling insurance adjusters. On Friday we drove the rest of the way. Our route took us past State College and Beaver Stadium along I-99 where the...

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Jul 4, 2010 - Dad's Home Town

My dad was born and raised in Alexandria, PA. This is our third visit to Alexandria since we hit the road six years ago. Each time we have parked in the front yard of my dad's sister, Shirley, and her husband, Allen Porter. There home is on property whose ownership is shared with their sons, Denny and Doug. Denny and his wife, Elaine, have a beautiful A-frame home just up the street from Shirley and Allen. We always have a good time when we visit the Porters. A good deal of our four-day stay was spent telling stories and laughing. Since I...

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Sep 14, 2008 - Alexandria, PA

Alexandria, Pennsylvania is the small town where my dad grew up prior to World War 2. We visited there two years ago. Since that time Dad's only surviving brother, Austin, whom the family called "June" (short for Junior) died. But Dad's youngest sister, Shirley, and her husband, Allen Porter, have returned to Alexandria in their retirement. They are living next door to their son, Denny, and his wife, Elaine. We pulled the See Ya into Shirley and Allen's front yard, plugged in, and spent four pleasant days in Alexandria. A special treat on...

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