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Apr 6, 2010 - Summer Lake Hot Springs

This is a great place for a relaxing stop off - nice rustic hot springs that is very lightly visited during the off season - the longer I've been going there the rustic-er it gets - Just typical eastern Oregon - lots of dreams and very little money - but I love it -

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Apr 29, 2007 - Summer Lake

Between Goose Lake and Oregon City/Clackamas there is quite a bit of Oregon to pass through. Much of it goes pretty much unnoticed. I'm referring to what I suppose is typically thought of as Eastern Oregon. That part east of the more popular areas around Bend where so many folks go to ski or play golf or stay at nice resorts. The large eastern half of the state out a ways from the beaten path without much of a real destination spot to speak of. I don't know how it would be properly described? Some of it is mountainous and tree covered. Pine...

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