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Sep 18, 2005 - A Day Along the Columbia Gorge

As we went down to breakfast and look out we were overwhelmed by the numbers of runners and walkers lining up for the Komen Cancer Walk/Run. Rolla had heard on the morning news they were expecting 43,000 runners. We were nervous wondering if Jeff, driver and guide for our Gorge Eco-Tour, would be able to get through to the hotel. Right as we finished breakfast Jeff coming running up... asked us to rush and follow him. He had parked illegally about 2 blocks away -- the closest he could get to the hotel. Off we went to pick up the rest of the...

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Sep 12, 2005 - Ride Northwest to Mt. Hood

Rode almost 100 miles to the Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood National Park. The weekend rain gave them their 1st snowfall of the year (just a dusting). Scenery was breath-taking. You can see Mt. Jefferson (50 Miles) and Mt. Washington (72 miles) from the Lodge. Temperature was in the 40's and clear enough to give us a good Sun & Wind burn.

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Sep 4, 2005 - Columbia River Gorge, Cynthia and Ash's wedding

Cynthia is a good friend: I used to work with her and Michelle trained with her for Boston and Vermont City Marathons. She has just moved on from Boston to the West Coast, plus there is the thing that because of the trip we missed out on the whole courtship (except for day 1 and the last day before getting married), so we were determined to be there for her wedding. Ash's family is originally from India, so in many regards the wedding followed the Indian patterns. One big difference, here the guests attended the ceremonies instead of going...

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Jul 19, 2005 - New Dehli to Hong Kong to Vancouver to Portland

This will be one long trip from half way around the world. I am crossing the dateline so pick up a day in this direction. Can't be as bad as the busride from Dehli to Sringar though. I am currently in Leh (12000 ft) and enjoying the cool North Indian Climate. In many ways not India I am told. However it is quite beautiful - Placed between the Himalayan and Lehdok ranges. Good place to recover for a bit. ****************I am returning on JULY 19TH - july 19th ***************************

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Jul 14, 2004 - Boeing Plant

Day 34 -- Wednesday, July 14 Cascade Locks, Oregon (Cascade Locks KOA) Miles today: 260 This morning, we visited the Boeing 747/767/777 final assembly plant. By volume, this is the largest building in the world. It covers 98 acres. The 747's actually look small in that building! We were fascinated with a cross section of a 40-year old 747 that they had disassembled to test for metal fatigue. We weren't allowed to have cell phones, PDA's or cameras. I had to take off all my toys. It was strange to see dozens of tourists with no cameras. We...

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