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Sep 9, 2020 - Eugene is Smokin!

Right away, I gotta tell you that among the many reasons we go to the OR and WA coasts, staying away fro smoke generated by mountain fires is one of those reasons! The prevailing winds usually blow smoke eastward. Yes, with so many fires in the mountains and foothills along with the wind shifting it’s blow to the west! The 60 mile drive for us was very spooky from the dense smoke. When we went to bed Monday night the winds blew in hot, hot air of almost 80 degrees and very dense smoke all the way to Florence. It was weird to have the...

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May 28, 2020 - Shamrock RV, Eugene, OR

From Chiloquin to Eugene it is a relatively short drive, about 110 beautiful mountain miles. Don't let the seemingly daunting Mountains here in the West keep you from enjoying the wonder and beauty that is the West. Our coach is a gasser, powered by a Ford V-10 and we haven't had any issues getting up and over the Sierra's or the Cascades. Many times, we pass the loaded down trucks! We're not necessarily the first ones to the top of the mountain, but then again, Who Cares! We pulled into our reserved spot at Shamrock RV, down by the...

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May 5, 2020 - Going to Eugene for a repair on the Rig

Day two on the road to Eugene, we are heading there to put in a new water pump & relocate it to another spot. Usually if Pete needs to get to the pump he has to empty out the bay to get to it, so it will be placed under the step inside the trailer for easy access. Since the old water pump died, this is a good time to put the new one in the step. Still on I-5, the drive was beautiful, going pass Mt. Shasta...I tend to get a little carried away with taking photos of it, I just love it. The terrain in the area is gorgeous. While in Eugene...

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Nov 22, 2019 - Eugene OR

The drive from Bend to just south of Eugene on Tuesday was 3½ hours of painless, other than a couple construction slowdowns and we pulled into the campground right at 1:00...and that was the extent of our day. Wednesday is packing and prep day as we will drive to near Seattle sometime Thursday and spend the night in a hotel so we can catch our 11:00am flight Friday. It’s supposedly a 4½ hour drive from Eugene but it includes going through Portland so it might be closer to 9. Our packing and prep day started with a haircut, Jersey Mike’s,...

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Aug 18, 2018 - a full day and a half with Cindy!

Not long after I parked in a Good Sam parking lot kind of campground, Cindy came to get me and we went to a brewery, a distillery, and another brewery! I got to meet her friends Chauncy and Shelley also. I don't drink much hard stuff but for $8 you can get 5 half-shots of various liquors to try. Cindy and I shared them and I am sure glad we did - easy to get knocked for a loop! I thought I would like pineapple vodka and a berry vodka, and even a rum, but not so much. the last taste was brown sugar bourbon and I liked that enough to buy a...

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May 25, 2018 - Off to Eugene, Oregon for Repairs

Well, we were in need of repairs to the 5th-wheel, so we cut our stay in Winnemucca, Nevada by one day. One of the landing gears broke (which is a biggie) so off to Eugene, Oregon to see our friend Manny (he is also the best RV repairman anywhere). We left Winnemucca on the 22nd & when we reached Eugene (a 500 mile trip), Manny was waiting for us with two brand new landing gear jacks. He worked into the evening replacing the one that was broken & on the morning of the 23rd he replaced the other landing gear jack...so now we have two new...

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May 15, 2018 - What great day!!! 62 miles!

Well, when last we heard from our two wheeling heroes, someone was complaining of exhaustion and maybe a thumping headache was mentioned! That someone went to bed at 8:00pm!! OMG, that never happens! I slept so well that night and woke up so refreshed! Ready to go! And go we did!! It was a beautiful morning, so nice to start out in sunshine even tho the air is cool. Actually perfect for riding! What a day it turned out to be! We flew along! Not because of wind, just because the road was relatively level and we were pedaling like crazy!...

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Nov 1, 2017 - Moving into our motorhome

We officially moved into the motorhome on November 1, 2017, can’t say it was easy trying to downsize and decide what and how to get rid of everything and what to keep. We ended up buying a 40ft container to hold some of our things that we couldn’t part with and we are lucky to have a friend with property that let’s us store it there. We spent many hours organizing, selling and giving away all of our “stuff”. So we spent a couple of weeks at the rv park in Eugene then finally headed south on Monday November 20th. Woo Hoo on our way!

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Sep 12, 2017 - Kristi and John Ward

Sorry, no photos on this trip. We circled back to stay with Kristi and John again (we were there for an extended time in June). Took care of a couple of minor medical things. And generally "chilled" out. We felt that we had been pretty active for a couple of months so we deserved a break.

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Jul 21, 2017 - Flight from Las Vegas to Eugene

We had a very early flight this morning back to Eugene, Oregon. We had to be at the airport by 8:00 AM. We took the rental car back first and rode the shuttle to the airport. We did have a thirty-minute delay on the flight, everything else went pretty smooth. :-) On the flight home, we were able to get a quickie look at Crater Lake, at least a part of it, about half. It was awesome to see from the plane. We also saw quite a few snow-capped mountains including the Three Sisters near Bend, Oregon. Once we arrived in Eugene, we got our car...

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Jun 8, 2017 - Klamath River RV Park, Oregon Coast, to Eugene, Oregon

We left Klamath in the rain and 55 degrees. Rained off and on most of the day till sometime this afternoon, and then stayed cloudy and 57 to 62 degrees. 101, the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, goes up the coastline, and is a beautiful drive on mostly good, wide roads. There were a few bumpy spots, a couple of winding, narrow areas, and some construction, but nothing lasted long. Instead of rumble strips, the white line whistled if you drove on it. It was enough to notice, but not loud and annoying. We went back on the Redwood Highway, so got...

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May 18, 2017 - Part one.. last day

For the first time in our journey, we split for dinner. The Helperns went for pizza and Mary sampled her first Blondie and the Everhart chose a collage of appetizers at a local seafood place. Other than the diesel truck outside getting an early start, we had a nice rest. We left Brandon on search of the Oregon coast, pursuant to a local recommendation, only to lose Joe & Mary briefly and never to find the scenic views. Took backroads to Coos Bay which led us back to 101 and into Florence where we had lunch at a local seafood place. We got...

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