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Aug 23, 2012 - Louise & Rus, NE Oregon

Off we go again westbound into Oregon, following the Snake River Valley for a while through vineyards and corn fields. There is also dairy and orchards in this area before we entered the desert area of north east Oregon. This route is also part of the Oregon Trail and there were interpretive centers along the way. We saw a sign warning about littering and Whoa!, do they ever mean business . . . the fine is $ 6,250. We arrived at out next “campground”, next to our friend’s barn in Union-Cove, Oregon. We had an electrical problem that the...

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Sep 13, 2008 - Relaxing in Cove, Oregon

We left Baker City and headed fifty miles back to La Grande, Oregon for our appointment with Northwood (our fifth-wheel manufacture). What better place to get our warranty work done then the actual manufacture. While here, we took a tour of the plant to see how the rig was made. Wow…lots of manual steps involved in the entire process. Unlike some of the other RV manufacturers like Winnebago, Northwood is a small outfit with only one manufacturing plant. They employ about 400 people. They own all of the 40 acres and are financially...

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